Sixth Mile

Fresh Cool Breeze

Alongside Ridge

While Crossing the Bridge

Savouring the moments I seize

In camera of memory

Where data is in form of array

They enter with relinquish

And they never exit I wish

Lily flowers scattered over grass

Dew drops sprinkled over mass

To the eyes they please

The stress they release

With their innocence spread

The breeze widespread

I breathe this early morning air

Which brings message of care

Playing with my hair

Happiness it share

Everything is at peace

My thoughts are at ease

The turbulence from my lens

Now seems stupid and nonsense

A part of reminiscence

Which made resonance

And threw me out of my locus

And I lost my focus

Transmitted waves of disturbance

Plucked like a string; creating menace

Ahh!! That time

Where everything seemed like crime

Became so negative

The world appeared narrative

Effect of Influence

Carried so much significance

And I lost my presence

Trying strong to withhold

Against the storm that trolled

Every philosophy that I moulded

Was subjected to questions unfolded

From people and society

That I thought were deity

But then I listened to my self

And I smiled restoring faith in myself

Feeling pride

And I gave myself a ride

To the early morning breeze

That carried away lily that was silly

To scatter them over grass

And I smile

For I have crossed Sixth Mile!!

Sweta Gupta