Slavery and Black American Statehood by Gebah Kamara

About the Book

“Slavery and Black American Statehood” a book by Gebah Kamara is a fascinating book detailing the historical account of Liberia and its relation to Black Americans who were formerly enslaved. This book is free of the bias that pervades much of the Eurocentric historiography about Africa and the black race. The author offers a passionate, in-depth look at West African culture and history in the context of Liberia. Every page ring with authenticity and conviction; every page bears the fruit of research that is not easily available.

Liberia’s contribution to the world and Black American has often been forgotten by the very people that it was established for. Many freed Blacks from the United States and beyond gave their lives for the founding of this beautiful coastal land in West Africa that is today known as the Republic of Liberia. However, today’s generation of Black Americans would rather visit or talk about Mexico and foreign lands than a mention or admire their connection with Liberia. As a result, Africa’s first modern democracy created by freed slaves from America has been left buried in long distant memories of past generations of heroes who laid their lives on the line to escape slavery, white prejudice, and persecution. The research and the time needed by historians to digest the complex history of Liberia has not been appreciated by most of its younger generations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

About the Author

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Gebah Kamara was born in Liberia West Africa. He obtained his early education in Liberia. He attended Monrovia Centre High School and the A.M.E Zion Community College in Liberia. Gebah Sekou Kamara migrated to the United State in 1998 due to the Civil War in his country. He obtained his Associate Degree in Automotive Technologies at Lincoln Tech Institute in Philadelphia. He later followed his passion by obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree, in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix campus in Downtown Philadelphia. Mr. Gebah Kamara later went on to obtain two Master’s degrees from New England College and Kaplan University in Criminal Justice Leadership and Homeland Security Emergency Management respectively.

He currently resides in Willingboro New Jersey. Gebah Kamara also working on a memoir about his struggle in the Liberia civil war and his journey to the United States to pursue the “American Dream”.

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