A good night’s sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise. We’ve all had nights laying in bed unable to unwind. Maybe your mind is racing, your partner is snoring, or you just can’t seem to get comfortable enough to catch some z’s. 

Many people think that sleep is a dormant stage, however, while the body rests, the brain is actively forming new pathways, reinforcing connections between cells, flushing toxins produced by neurons, consolidating memories, and improving cognition. Inadequate sleep can disrupt hormone levels and circadian rhythm, which affects most aspects of mental and physical performance.

Neuropeak Pro optimizes human performance by strengthening the brain and autonomic nervous system. As part of our training plan, we emphasize the importance of sleep and have developed a personal checklist to help you sleep and recover more efficiently.

If you are having trouble improving the quantity and quality of your sleep, Neuropeak Pro recommends the following changes: 

> Sleep in a cool room between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

> No pets or children during sleeping hours.

> Reduce unnecessary noises such as TVs at bedtime. Use soft earplugs if needed.

> Eat a small, high protein snack before bed ex. nuts, yogurt, avocado.

> Supplement with Power to Sleep or extended release melatonin.

> Avoid blue light in the evening.

> Keep your bedroom free from clutter and change sheets often.

> Take a warm shower or bath before bed.

> Keep naps to less than 60 minutes to avoid initiating REM sleep.

> Avoid caffeine after 12 PM and alcohol after 6 PM.

> Remain active throughout the day with at least 10,000 steps.

> Journal your thoughts to wind down from the day.