Mindfulness Exercises

Many have no idea about mindfulness and what it can give to your body and life, in general. Therefore, It is the perfect time to discuss this.

Specifically, mindfulness is the state of the mind where it is free from any strains and burdens. It can also be characterized as an extreme awareness of your senses.

Truthfully, learning mindfulness is really beneficial. I have experienced it first hand. It helped me make life better and healthier than it used before.

Allow me to tell a little story.

How Mindfulness Transformed My Life?

Mindfulness Exercises

I have been practicing this “art” for many years already. Mindfulness has given me a whole new drive to continue a life that is free from stress and pressure.

Six years ago, I had a morbid outlook on life. I am sickly and has a wrong figure, to begin with. I was also susceptible to stress because of my low resistance to pressure.

My life back then was studded with problems. I cannot think straight like most of the thoughts can get cloudy. Getting past a simple problem was a difficult thing for me.

Fortunately, my friend told me to learn how to achieve mindfulness. At first, I was really skeptic about it. After all, it was a foreign term to me.

One day, I have realized that there’s no harm if I will try it. So I did practice it. That decision is definitely one of the best things that I have made in my life.

Throughout my journey, I have learned that stress is one of the culprits why I get sick quickly. I decided to manage it by making sure that I have total control over it. Through mindfulness, I was able to wire my mind not to get easily dragged by problems and difficulties.

Up to now, I am still reaping the benefits of mindfulness. It keeps my health well and my consciousness at its top condition.

Mindfulness Exercises That Promote Sleep

Mindfulness Exercises

Being able to sleep properly is one of the benefits that mindfulness gave me. My mind and body are always at peace now so sleeping well is no longer an issue to me at all.

There are various mindfulness exercises can be used to benefit your health. If you have sleeping problems, you should try these routines right away. They are not necessarily that difficult so practicing them wouldn’t cause trouble in your part.

Let me teach you some of them here.

Conscious Breathing

Breathing exercises have always been great in establishing calmness and relaxation. Yoga, for instance, uses a myriad of breathing techniques to relieve stress and anxiety.

The same concept is applied when it comes to conscious breathing. It is done to ensure that your mind will become still and your muscles will be freed from strained. Sleeping with this kind of condition becomes a lot easier.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Lie on a comfortable bed first.
  • Next, inhale in your nose for five seconds. Make sure that you can feel the air that is going inside your body. Hold for another two seconds before you breathe out.
  • Exhale through the use of your mouth for five seconds. While doing so, imagine that all the negativities that you feel in your body are being released as well. It would also help if you can give those thoughts some color (i.e., if you feel angry, imagine that you are publishing a red aura).
  • Just this repeat this procedure for as many times as possible or until such time you feel relieved already.

I have mentioned about a comfortable bed on this section. You see, beds and mattresses can significantly affect the quality of your sleep. You couldn’t expect that you can rest well if you are lying on a poorly constructed mattress.

This particular mindful exercise should also be done on the most conducive condition. Therefore, I recommend that you consider a waterbed mattress in this case. It will optimize the effects of the exercise so that you can sleep better.

Body Scanning

Now, in this exercise, there’s no definite need for you to use modern medical machines. Just by becoming mindful, you will be able to scan your body and find the spots where stress and pain are occurring.

Of course, there’s no denying the adverse effects of stress. It can directly cause a person to suffer from sleep deprivation and insomnia. In some cases, it can even lead to depression.

It is quite essential that you can mentally scan your body to locate where the stress is occurring.

  • First, lie on a bed or any comfortable platform.
  • Try to empty your mind by making it relaxed and still. In this way, you will gain a higher consciousness to your body. By such time, you will be able to do a quick body scan.
  • You should start the process from your head down to your feet. Can you feel any discomforts in your face? How about your stomach or joints?
  • Once you spot any irregularities, try to massage them with the use of your hands. Do some breathing exercises as well to get the most out of it. You will eventually feel better after this routine.

Wrapping It Up

Using the various mindfulness exercises can help you conquer multiple health problems–including sleep deprivation. It would be great if you can learn them so that you can suppress all the harmful effects of not being able to sleep properly. Your life should improve by then.

That’s it for now. For questions and suggestions, just write them in the comment section below.


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