Sleep is a potent beauty tonic, declared Instagram model Tania Marie Caringi

Having had a successful modeling career and a large social media following to boast, you’d think she skips on sleep to make up for her successful career.

The philosophy of more sleep and healthy living is now being promoted by beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts on social media. It’s the campaign of HuffingtonPost and ThriveGlobal founder, Arriana Huffington, to see that people now get an adequate amount of sleep after experiencing a serious breakdown that led to exhaustion at work in 2007. “I have to assure you that the success at the Huffington Post happened after I started taking care of myself,” says Huffington.

Arianna Huffington had collapsed and was lying in a pool of her own blood due to exhaustion. With her daughter looking down on her, she made a realization that sacrificing sleep isn’t working for her or anyone at that.

This realization came after Huffington herself had seen firsthand the importance of sleep to, not only her health, but her work at Huffington Post. Then, HuffPost had not become the behemoth of a magazine it is today. But Huffington was working so hard it was taking its toll on her. She admitted that HuffPost didn’t become really successful until she started sleeping more.

Supermodel and Instagram icon, Tania Marie Caringi echoed the same message when she told me that sleep has empowered her to do better in her work. Caringi is no small name in the beauty and fashion world. MODE has consistently ranked her as one of the 10 most beautiful women, including naming her number 1 in one of those rankings. Another publication, Maxim.com did an interview on her, where she talked about her personality and relationship goals last year. This interview took a relaxed view into her personal life, what she looks for in a man and what love means to her. 

Tania is not only known for her beauty, which has helped her attract recognition from the world’s biggest media houses such as Sports Illustrated, GQ, Maxim, and many others, but is also an accomplished businesswoman. She has gone on to invest in real-estate, an industry that has produced some of the world’s most successful business people. Knowing where to put her money and when is a trait to attribute to a successful icon. This is why a campaign to take sleep as important as we take our daily jobs coming from Caringi should be taken seriously.

She takes from the stories of super successful women and men in business, fashion, and tech when advocating for better sleep. This is the boat Sheryl Sandberg, the billionaire COO of Facebook and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are. Bezos said in a chat with ThriveGlobal that “Eight hours of sleep makes a big difference for me, and I try hard to make that a priority. For me, that’s the needed amount to feel energized and excited.”

Now, one might ask, is there’s a correlation between been successful and getting adequate sleep? Personally, I find that I underperform and make more mistakes when I fall short on the number of hours of sleep I get. And even science backs this up. Humans make the most horrible decisions when they don’t get adequate sleep. According to findings by Washington State University, we lose cognitive flexibility when we’re deprived of sleep. This affects our ability to make the right decisions when faced with new information. 

A $2.8 million grant from the Department of Defense is going to back a follow-up research by the Washington State University’s Sleep and Performance Research Center into how to fight the harmful side effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive flexibility.

This is a big deal because we all know that the ability to make the right decisions, especially when empowered with new information is what allows people to become successful. And if Caringi, Bezos, Sandberg, and Huffington all admit that sleep contributes to their success, then we all must listen.

If you’ve been sacrificing sleep to put out more work, now is the time you begin to evaluate the price you’re paying to get more done. Are you sacrificing the quality of your work and life by sleeping less?