Personal Health and Well Being remain critical for everyone. When any one suffers a setback in health, the person is usually somewhat or totally demobilized. It becomes difficult, if not impossible to engage in any meaningful and productive endeavour. How does Sleep help us with this?

In view of the fact that ill health is a threat to life, all normal people will do all in their powers, spend money and go anywhere and everywhere possible, and at all lengths to restore health. Indeed, health is life. Wellbeing itself, being a proof of one’s health remains a balanced integration of the three dimensions of our persons: Spirit, Soul and Body. It is well known that a soul and body dysfunction in particular has negative implications for our health and wellbeing. Some other times, it could be spiritual in nature. That produces another level of the complications.

Evidently, SLEEP and SLEEPING ,hold a strong place in sustaining and advancing our personal Health and Wellbeing. What happens when these suffer? The mystery of sleep remains an invitation to continuing research on Sleep Science. The average human being spends about one third (33%) of his or her life on Sleep. Yet, we do not take a proactive look at it until it becomes a problem. From the look of things, Sleep Deprivation has become an epidemic in many societies as a result of the demand and pressure to work more and more in order to be able to pay one’s bills.

Sleep is so critical. We can survive food deprivation for as long as two weeks. However, Sleep Deprivation beyond 10 days can be fatal. Quality and good sleep daily, does improve wellness and health. Not doing so for a prolonged period of time is tantamount to courting trouble. It is well known today that Sleep Deprivation not only affects our health adversely as individuals, but it declines our productivity. Also in consequence, Corporate Productivity and Wellbeing suffer.

That Sleep (Sleeping) is both medicinal and restorative is no longer in contention. How do you feel after a good sleep? Speak for yourself! How Sleep serves in the healing service is a growing area of interest. There are health challenges resulting from over work and Sleep Deprivations which sufficient quality Sleep can address. We can therefore speak of Sleep Healing.

Sleep Healing can be described as recuperative and restorative actions unleashed by Sleep to ensure, advance and sustain the health of the body and mind. Keep in mind that Sleep is a time of rest which nature has provided, a time of altered consciousness in which internally driven restorative, recuperative and refreshing activities take place in

and for the good of the body and mind, Sleep proceeds over some space of time in what is described as Sleep Cycles. A total sleep time for adults that is considered sufficient is put at between 6 and 9 hours. Sleep is a therapeutic multi-activity. It is a medicinal phenomenon through a well- tempered and mysterious inner workings that remains a research interest.


Consider the following listing and see how you relate to each of them? They include:

1. Stress

2. Anxiety

3. Frustrations

4. Inner Turmoil

5. Fatigue

6. Exhaustion

7. Touchiness (Irritability)

8. Burn-out

9. Sleep Deprivation

10. Mental Blocks (Blockades)

11. Elongated Reaction Time

12. Instigated Memory Loss

13. Lack of Drive

14. Impaired Immunity

15. Attention Deficit Disorder (Poor Concentration)

16. Headache

17. Grogginess

18. Inhibition of proper Co-ordination

19. Impairment of Cognitive power

20. Vulnerability in Relationships.

The foregoing, if they are allowed to ensue and fester, then danger knocks sooner or later. Therefore, when we begin to observe these recurring in our situation, we are strongly advised to give immediate attention towards ameliorating them. In this regard, Sleep should be called in for Sleep Healing. In addition, other relevant health actions should be called in to supplement.


All who love themselves should give this a close attention. So I am inviting you to do just that. The reality and demands of modern life and society include that we work and over-work in order to meet deadlines, reach our goals, make more money, pay our bills,

etc. In the course of work; our body, mind and emotions receive all manners of tears and wears for which we require repairs and restoration. In specific terms, the body and mind receive the following healing and restorative helps in the course of sleep:

i. Your body releases important hormones

ii. Your cells repair themselves

iii. There is a recharging of your brain

iv. There is a calming of nerves and inner noise

v. Relaxation of the postural muscles

vi. Drives the metabolic clearance of “Waste” from the brain

vii. The building and the maintenance of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems.

viii. Furnishes the needed time for rest and restorative repairs of the person in an integrated manner


Sleep remains a mysterious phenomenon furnishing man with an invaluable service in manners that beat the human mind. Sleep is at the service of the human body in dealing with the psychosomatic health challenges listed in the foregoing and more.

The human person constituted of body, soul and spirit needs Nourishment, Work and Exercise, as well as Rest in all these dimensions. In this context, Sleep is virtually synonymous with Rest. Sleep Healing will among others restore wellness, as well as bounce, drive, energy, punch, verve, spirited vitality and vivaciousness.

Just imagine for a moment what your life and mine would have been like without Sleep and the services with which it freely furnishes us. But, I am the one to make time and space for it. You are the one to enlist it to do you the same healing good. Let us take a fresh and renewed interest in Sleep. Lets make it part of our lives, resource budgeting, daily activities and lifestyle. Don’t you think we would be the better for it? I think so! I really think so! Please seek Sleep and do enjoy it!!

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