We all know sleep is fundamental for our mental wellbeing, yet many of us still have difficulty switching off and relaxing.

I suffered unnecessarily for years with panic attacks, anxiety and stage fright as a classically trained singer before experiencing the transformational benefits of mental health coaching.

Two years ago I discovered a hidden talent for voice overs, and now my career is coming full circle as I use my voice and personal experience with mental health to help others.

“Aura” combines my soothing speaking voice, ethereal singing and ASMR gentle whispering to enable listeners to experience euphoric relaxation.

This is my first musical meditation called “Flying” composed by Peder B Helland, produced by sleep science advisor Tom Middleton and mental wellbeing coach, Stewart Lane.

We are donating 100% of sales to Music for Mental Wealth and its valuable work for the prevention of stress, anxiety and mental health challenges.

Listen and download “Flying feat. Aura” here: Sleep-music-feat-Aura

Enjoy and sweet dreams!

Aura x


  • Laura Westcott


    Music for Mental Wealth, Soundcheque, Sound for Sight and co-founder of Phoenix Rising Global Collective

    Laura Westcott is a creative entrepreneur and classically trained singer with a passion for improving mental health and supporting women in business. Following her role as PR Manager and reviewer for The Times newspaper (London) and Content Editor for News Corp (New York), Laura founded Music for Mental Wealth to prevent mental health challenges in the music industry, after experiencing stage fright and anxiety for many years before experiencing the transformational benefits of mental health coaching.  Laura also created Soundcheque live events company raising awareness and funding for charitable causes through music. She founded 'Songs of War' for children's charity War Child and spent one week voluntarily blind before founding Sound for Sight charity for preventable blindness.  Laura most recently co-founded Phoenix Rising a global network supporting change-makers and bringing feminine energy back into leadership.  Laura sings in the London Philharmonic Choir and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  For more info visit: Laura Westcott