Sleep plays a big role in your productivity the following day. Waking up with lower back pain or sleepy-head will not only affect your work, but it is a health risk that you do not want to try. So, why go through all this while you can keep it at bay by adopting the best sleeping positions.
But before trying this, it is crucial to understand that good bed also determines the quality of sleep that you will get. Again, the ambiance of the bedroom also plays a big role.
Without wasting a lot of time, let me take you through the best sleeping positions for a productive day ahead.

Sleeping on Your Back

This is a popular sleeping posture for many people. And the best for that matter. It ensures that the entire body is aligned in an excellent way, particularly the back, neck and the spine. If you remember well, a human being is supposed to be in an upright position and this sleeping position will ensure that, particularly when the mattress is of high quality. The only catch with this is that it exposes you to snoring but this can be handled by the use of an anti-snoring device.sleeping back

Sleeping on Your Back in a Reclined Position

In cases where a person is suffering from isthmic spondylolisthesis or any other spine illness that requires special support, a reclined position on your back could be the answer. Medical experts recommend this sleeping position for the same reason they recommend a reclined chair. However, the recline angle should not be too high to avoid giving you an almost sitting position. Otherwise, you will wake up tired.

Sleeping on the Back with Knee Support

As mentioned earlier, sleeping on the back is the best habit for any person who wants to wake up vibrant. But you can make it even better by adding slight support under the knees. Doctors say that the spine will stay aligned in a natural way and this further promotes your health. If the position makes you feel some pressure on the lower back, then you can remove the pillow and lie completely on your back.

Sleeping on the Side

Majority of sleepers use this position and it can have many variations. Its effectiveness depends on how you position the legs and use the pillows. Look at the following variations:

  • Pillow between your knees – pregnant mothers often use this method to ease pressure on their belly and acquire a comfortable sleeping position. Any other person can use take advantage of this and wake up feeling rejuvenated for the day ahead.
  • Side fetal position – if you have a herniated disc disorder, this could be an ideal position for you. When the knees are near the chest the pressure on the disc will not be as much as it could have been in any other position.sleeping side


Sleeping for a health and productive tomorrow is very important for everyone. The above sleeping positions have been endorsed by many experts and you can easily choose the one that works best for you. If you utilize the positions consistently, you will always have vibrant days ahead.