Knowing the energy nature of your Astrology sign can help you get a good night’s sleep.

To celebrate Thrive Global’s Sleep Holiday on March 17 Astrology offers us some excellent information and suggestions about your personal sleep patterns. For some signs sleeping a lot is essential; for others sleep is merely the pause that refreshes; but for all of us sleeping well puts us in touch with the knowledge and wisdom of our dreams. See if these suggestions ring true for your sign ad help you sleep.

ARIES: Requires less sleep than other signs. The fire energy deosn’t lull into sleep he just konks out. The key for a good night’s sleep is to be physically active in the early part of the day. You may like to go to bed late, get less than 5 hours of sleep and then have your own personal sleep holiday where you catch up. For Aries sleep is merely a necessary break to fuel his energy for all projects.

TAURUS: Earthy Taurus needs the rhythm of a bath, cup of chamomile tea or a bedtime read to prepare for sleep. Your bed must be comfy with lots of pillows. Taurus is happy with 7–8 hours of sleep and is probably also a good napper. Make sure your alarm clock is gentle; a rude awakening doesn’t sit well with the bull.

GEMINI: A good night’s sleep is sometimes hard to come by as the air sign Gemini has very restless minds. It is very important to cut off from electronics or any mental stimulation before sleep; turn off the cell phone and leave it in another room. An open window is also a good idea. The best way for Gemini to get to sleep is a simple breathing practice. Inhale and count 1; exhale and count 2.

CANCER: Watery Cancer has 2 needs for sleep one is physiologically and the other is the safe retreat and feeling of home and hearth. Similar to being tucked in as a child, going to sleep should include a gentle ritual: a bath, candles, and pajamas or nighties that are soft and pastel color. The sound of gentle water or a fountain will insure you get your 8 hours. You may need less sleep in the summer.

LEO: Leo has a strong fiery constitution and needs less sleep than other signs. The sign of the actor, some Leos can do a show, go to the after party, and then pop off to bed. Their adrenaline calms down easily. Leo does require a dark room. The Sun is his ruler and even a hint of light makes him feel wide awake.

VIRGO: Earthy Virgo is usually a good sleeper unless she is in a worry cycle. A regular schedule and routine is the best way to insure that the worries don’t interfere with sleep. Tidying up your bedroom and your mind before going to bed is the best rhythm to prepare for sleep. Virgo also is very sensitive to scent; lavender oil on your pillow will send you easily to dreamland.

LIBRA: 8 hours required! The single best health remedy for this high strung air sign is enough sleep. The effort of balancing and people pleasing that goes into a usual Libra day is released at night. Chamomile tea, nice nighties or pj’s, and some light from a window will insure that your scales are balanced and cleansed.

SCORPIO: The intense water sign, Scorpio, can have an erratic sleep pattern. She goes for a time with little sleep and then catches up with a cycle of more than 8 hours. Scorpio usually prefers a very dark room and dark colored sheets — even red. People of this sign wake up slowly and will many times recall dreams as they move from sleep to wakefulness.

SAGITTAIRUS: Sleep is a nuisance for this active on the go fire sign but they recognize that it is the only way to keep their horse power charged. They can easily nap for 20 minutes and then get 5 or 6 hours at night. It is a good idea for Sagittarians to stretch their legs before bed as much of their energy is stored in the thighs and calves.

CAPRICORN: This earth sign born after the winter solstice understands hibernation. The sleep schedule is usually regular and they can adjust no matter what time they go to bed so that they get 7–8 hours. The most important factor in getting a good sleep is calming the mind. Capricorn frequently has a low body temperature at night and benefits from a very warm comforter.

AQUARIUS: The air sign Aquarius frequently has difficulty getting enough sleep. His electrical energy is intense so that his body and mind can feel super charged no matter how much exercise he does. The solution is to recognize that your sleep pattern is erratic and eventually you will catch up on what your body needs. Exercise, no electronics, an open window, and some very gentle stretches are the best way to calm your lightning mind and drift off to sleep.

PISCES: This sign rules dreams and it is most necessary for the fish to retreat into the depths of dreamland. 8 or 9 hours a night is not unusual. Music, reading a fantasy book, herbal tea, and a warm bath will prepare this sensitive sign for sleep. It also takes a while for Pisces to wake up so plan your appointments with ample time to ease into daylight.

I hope your stars have given you some good suggestions. “ Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleave of care,…chief nourisher in life’s feast.” Macbeth, Act 2, scene ii.

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