Slice of Spirituality

I was born and raised in India. Religious fanfare was throughout the year but they symbolized delicious meals and fancy new clothes. I have the tendency to disbelieve so I took the religious texts as most popular works of fiction of their times.

On a friend’s recommendation, 10 years back, me and my husband went to a 2 day meditation program. Guruji (teacher in Sanskrit) spoke about a state in mind where one feels one with everything in the universe and the sense of self disappears; it sounded both mystical and made-up. There was a routine that needed to be done every morning and evening which I never did as I had not grasped the “why” of each step of the routine. I did notice that all the volunteers smiled generously and I found it very admirable and memorable.

Fast forward 8 years, a very close friend of mine started raving about the same program as she felt transformed by it. It felt the right time for me to get my meditation fix . I re-enrolled for the 2 day program and during the final hours where the meditation routine was being taught, I threw up.

I threw up multiple times and as I got up to leave the hall, a volunteer came and asked me to stay. She touched me as I soaked in puke and urged me to stay back and learn the routine. I was deeply moved by the selflessness and unwavering faith of the volunteer.

A fire was lit and I started reading up on the science of mediation. I stumbled upon Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted Talk ‘Stroke of Insight‘. Her description of the few hours post-stroke exactly matched the sense of oneness that mediation teacher shared as well; the prerequisite being the same – silencing of the mind

Now, I am convinced that silencing of the mind can be achieved and it can serve as a gateway to experiencing a different perception of life. I am a busy working mom so fitting meditation in my daily routine took a few trials. I have now settled into a 10 minute meditation routine each day before lunch. I close my eyes and try to actively listen to all the sounds that surround me – beating of my heart, my out-breath, chirping of the birds, cars coming in, omnipresent hissing sound in my ears, anything. If thoughts come, I try to dodge them instead of getting entangled. The short wait for slice of meditation makes the meal just a little bit more delicious. I journal after my meal or watch something inspiring. i feel energized and joyful after my lunch.

I now understand there is immense wisdom in some of the ancient texts and I have begun my journey in grasping that is unseen yet within reach!