As the year starts to unfold, it’s so easy to want to run and do everything! And that’s probably why last week… I got sick. Ha! The best thing about it? I HAD to stop working for two days and in the end, I enjoyed the down time so much that I took four days off.

This was a fantastic reminder that unless I continue to take some time for myself, I am going to crash – and crashing is not what I have in mind for 2019! 

The main thing I gained from this experience (in addition to being able to breathe again) for  and the time I had to reflect was perspective: it helped me to remember what’s important and what could wait. It helped me to realize that I was feeling overwhelmed because I was losing sight of what would help me truly move forward. I was not prioritizing and went into brain overload. 

As high performers, we rarely take the time to slow down and reflect and so, for the next month and a half, I have decided to find a bunch of ways to do exactly that: slow down and reflect. I deeply believe that self-awareness is the key not only to building sustained performance, but simply, to being a better human.

I decided to draw from my own experience to work out why slowing down is so important to me if I want to continue to perform at a high level and I put together a few tips I could share to actually slow down.

Why #1 – Slowing down helps me be more creative. 

I have noticed that each time I am away on a retreat or when I walk the dog or take a bike ride, I have new ideas and conversely, when I’m working at 150mph, I get stuck and overwhelmed and find it hard to problem solve. And so, I have to say it wasn’t a shock when I learned that it’s actually a fact that our brain needs these four conditions to create insight. 

  • Quiet: we tend to notice insights when our brain activity is low because they themselves are low-energy signals. We need to make space for them. 
  • Looking in: Insights tend to come when we shut out external data. An introspective state favors insight. 
  • Happy: When we are in a good mood, we are much more open and tend to have less “tunnel-vision”. 
  • Away from the problem: have you ever noticed how the answer comes to you when you least expect it? When you’re in the shower or walking down the street?

How #1 – What are some ways to slow down for insight? 

For me, it’s all about stepping outside when I can. It’s the smallest things like walking around the block with the dog, or just going down to the stoop when the weather permits and watching the world go by. When I can’t step out: I read a fiction book that has nothing to do with work! I do crosswords, or I take time to nurture my relationships (friends, family, boyfriend…)

Why #2 – Slowing down helps me prioritize. 

One of the areas I need to work on in terms of creativity is choosing carefully the projects I want to work on. I always have a ton of ideas, and I write them all down and being the high achiever that I am, I want to make every single one happen! Slowing down helps me to take a step back, gain perspective and decide what I actually want to do and not what I need to prove I can do. 

How #2 – What are some ways to slow down to prioritize? 

I often do this by asking myself questions: 

* What is important vs. urgent?       

* What gives my life meaning? How can I include more of those activities / moments into my life? 

 * What are my core values (See previous blogpost on this here and a video on how to use your values here.) and how can I make sure they are a part of my every day life? 

* What is MY definition of “balance”? What elements constitute a balanced life FOR ME? 

* When I say YES to something, what am I saying NO to?

You can read a whole blog post on prioritizing here

Slowing down helps me to take a step back, gain perspective and decide what I actually want to do and not what I need to prove I can do. 

Why #3 – Slowing down makes me more efficient.

I know, it seems counterintuitive. Yet, it does! When I slow down, there is so much more space in my mind. It’s often because I am not reacting from a place of danger or threat. My brain is in a much more relaxed state and therefore my cognitive functions are at their peak. This means I am able to make more logical, thought-through decisions and I make fewer mistakes. I do think there is a place for intuitive decision making, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to work and efficiency, I usually prefer to rely on system 2!

How #3 – What are some ways to slow down to be more efficient? 

Simply taking breaks works wonders for me. I’ll sometimes simply breathe in and out or take a couple of stretches. Making a cup of tea works wonders! I wait for the water to boil and it means I have to move and stay away from the work at hand for a few minutes. Another way is doing small things like watching a funny video or connecting to something important to me (e.g. looking at a picture of loved ones or the ocean). 

Why #4 – Slowing down gives everything more meaning. 

It’s incredible what a difference it makes to spend time in the moment! I realize that I am not great at this: I often devour my food so fast I don’t have time to appreciate it. I do so much so fast. Too much, too fast. And yet, when I make the conscious decision to take time to meet a friend for coffee, to call my dad in France or learn something new, I notice that I am immediately more present and I am reminded of what matters to me, of my values and of my purpose. 

How #4 – What are some ways to slow down to see more meaning in every day life? 

I find that my morning routine of yoga and meditation (sometimes just 15 minutes) before the day starts, in the dark, does wonders for me. I mentioned earlier making a conscious decision – I think that’s the key: I have to tell myself why something is important. Another trick I use is looking at the big picture: when I start feeling overwhelmed or obsessing over a detail, I ask myself: will I remember this in a month? In six months? In a year? On the scale of my whole life, will this make a difference? And the sad truth is, after hours of agony, that simple question makes me realize that no, it will not make a difference. 


As I write this, I realize that every single one of those reasons to slow down and ways to slow down is a move towards knowing myself better and being better connected to my values of growth, simplicity, challenge, positivity and inner peace. And so, I will go back to where I started: I deeply believe that self-awareness is the key not only to building sustained performance, but simply, to being a better human. In January and February, let’s take some time connect and slow down. 


From now, until mid-February, I will share tips to help you slow down through emails and social media. These will come in the form of questions, videos, blog posts… and surprises! 

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