You are so worth stretching out this thing we call time. You, yes you, are love. Don’t lose grasp of your essence because life is moving at such a rapid pace. 

That is going to be an increasing problem going forward for society but collectively and conciously I believe we can all shift back to the great part of the good ol days. Things were just slower. 

I know I’m an old soul in a 36 year old body but gosh am I grateful that I’ve really slowed down. Intentionally, mindfully, physically, spiritually. I too was caught up in the tunnel of speed at which the world is moving. My responsibilities and goals haven’t decreased. That wasn’t the key. In fact, they have increased and grown multiple times over. 

So how did I slow down?

A lot of reflection, a lot of self-care, a lot of falling only to always stand back up again.  It wasn’t perfect, there wasn’t a manual and it probably looked messy at times. But the gold is in the work. It’s in really exploring what is a right fit for us to take care of ourselves so that we can show up at our highest good for all? (hint* that includes you!)

I would like to save you some time. If this message landed in front of you, I ask you to honor that it was meant for you. 

Here’s my 4 part recipe for totally slowing it all down. So you can own your time, your day, your goals, your interactions and your work and not let time own you. 

1. Get really good sleep. Go to bed earlier and rise early.

                Wait, what? Adjust accordingly if you are a night owl versus a morning person. But here’s the deal. Go to bed! Go to bed earlier and rise earlier. This is absolutely what works for me. Seriously, put yourself to bed. Set yourself up for great sleep with an Epsom salt bath or scrub if your not the soaking kind. Magnesium does wonders for us. Run a humidifier in your room and add some essential oils. Eucalyptus is my favorite these days. Sleep with a dull white noise sound machine. I go to bed by 8:30/9 and wake up at 5. I crave this sleep and if I don’t get it, I simply don’t feel the same! So, honor your sleep and schedule your early rise. 

2. Create an early morning ritual. 

                There is so much beauty in routine. But in order for it to work, it has to be yours uniquely. So craft it. Try things out and find what you are naturally drawn to. For me it was not the 5:30 am workout class. As good as my intentions were, it wasn’t what I was pulled to. So I failed, and that’s totally okay! I like to wake up and stay in the dark, not reach for any devices except to shut the alarm off and simply be. Be with my breath, set my intentions for the day, pray and breathe some more. Brew some coffee and really enjoy a longer shower or writing. I like to find a great quote to ponder and share it on my pages early in the morning. I intentionally avoid the news, the TV and try to generally avoid any heavy conversations or exchanges during this time. I can’t wait to add a long walk with my dogs once the arctic freeze subsides here in Connecticut! It depends on the day for me so I’m flexible with my routine. But it’s a ritual. It’s a time that I gift to myself each early morning. It’s quiet during this time. Just me. Sometimes some dogs that are ready to also be up but for the most part I’ve trained them to sleep past me. Carve out your time and put into it what you like. But make it a ritual and show up for yourself.

3. Talk to people.

Hi, how are you? Simple and profound. Don’t lose the art of conversation and being present with people. Don’t fall for the trap of being behind a glass screen one size or another most of your time. Don’t do an online chat for support of any kind, pick up the phone and connect with someone. Meet people where they are at and always leave the energy in the room better than you found it. Sit and talk with your children. Give all the eye contact and all of you in each moment. I promise, it will slow things down.

4. Say No.

No, is a complete sentence. Being a yes man (or woman) is nothing to be proud of. Because every great artist knows their capacity. To do really good work, we must simplify. We must embrace the team concept. We shall collaborate with others and gracefully say no when needed. We are being respectful to ourselves and others with this mindfulness. There is no gold medal in taking on too much and letting the rest of your work and reliability suffer in the process. This also applies to events, friends, strangers, sales people, work, relationships, food even. No. No, thank you. It is a way of honor, respect and an awakened soul. Smile, be kind, but just say no.

I honestly could keep going on with this list and so could you. But I just want to simplify. I just wanted to turn the wheel in a subtle way and I know you will generate more ways in which you can slow down time.

Do these 4 things. Bring them to your attention, curate them to uniquely fit you and watch. Show up for yourself with these subtle shifts and feel the difference. You will feel time slow down. Your spirit with strengthen and your heart will expand.

Small subtle shifts add up to magically increased experiences. So while you are intentionally living out your day because you gave yourself a morning ritual. While you are joyfully connecting with people throughout your day because you are so soundly rested from good sleep, know that you are love. That time is here for you to stretch and play with. Shape shift your energy, your focus and how you feel.

Just slow down.