If you are not familiar with my work. I am a Habit Strategist. Something I love to do is make content practical. I take my favorite podcasts, books, speeches, articles, etc and I provide the habit I have implemented into my life post consumption.

This week I will be focusing on the Oprah Super Soul episode, Arianna Huffington: What Will Be Your Spiritual Wake-up Call?

At 4:20, Oprah mentions how people¬†say it’s easy for Arianna and Oprah to preach about slowing down (sleeping, meditating, doing breath-work) when they didn’t exactly practice what they now preach while they were working their way up.¬†

Arianna responds by talking about how there is no trade off. When you take care of yourself you make better decisions. When you are stressed, overtired, etc. you make bad decisions and react in ways that are not smart, which wastes time and causes mistakes.

Based on the above you can implement one of my favorite habits!

  1. When you are in a disempowered state (frustrated, stressed, upset, tired…)
    • Take a break (read a book, take a nap, take a walk, have tea, do energy exercises..) until you feel good
    • If you do not feel great you can not give great energy to others and you can not produce work you are proud of

What area of your life can you slow down so that it speeds up?