Christmas and New Years seem to be the time of year when we let the frantic nature of the holiday take over. We work long hours to get things done, we spend our spare time shopping and spending money on things we probably don’t need, or we expend what little energy we might have left going to events, parties or spending it with family or friends.

We forget to look after ourselves.

We are told this holiday is all about giving to others and giving selflessly, which I agree with! But it shouldn’t come at the expense of us looking after ourselves first. In order for us to love the time we have with our family and friends and be productive at work, we need to be energised, happy and rested.

Self-care is a necessity. It’s not selfish.

So, here are five ways to slow down and create a bit more space these holidays!

Only say ‘Yes’ to activities and events you WANT to go to

This season is filled with SO MANY social activities. Whether it’s work, family, friends, social clubs, they are non-stop. They also usually mean you give up on something else – like your yoga class, gym session or just time you would spend relaxing.
This year, be a bit more mindful about which events you say yes to. Make sure you are saying yes for the right reasons and because you actually want to attend. Be wary of the “obligatory” yes. Nine times out of 10 we usually don’t enjoy them, so why do that to yourself and the host of the party?

Do more slow activities that you never seem to have time for

When we say “I don’t have time to do X” that just means it’s not a priority or important to us. Instead, we prioritise work, social events, etc (obligatory events) over what it is we actually want to do.
This season is so busy already, why not give yourself time in the evening or weekends just for you. You need it now more than ever!

Commit one evening or weekend day per week to do nothing!

This includes throughout December and during your Christmas holiday period that flows into January. Commit to one night a week or weekend day where you don’t plan ANYTHING! Instead, do whatever you feel you want to do on that night/day. Let it happen naturally and see what happens!

Remove your work emails off your phone

This might seem extreme, but I believe you’ll notice so much stress leave your body and mind. For some reason everyone starts panicking that December is here and all of sudden everything is due before the holidays. Excuse me, December comes every year. It’s not a surprise! Remove your work emails off your phone and start to create the separation and prepare to switch off over the holidays. Be more productive when you’re at work so you can relax more at home.

Sleep MORE!

If you don’t do any of the above things, at least commit to your sleep. Sleep is so important. When we are even a little sleep deprived it impacts our ability to think clearly, make good decisions or practice listening to our intuition. All of which is really important to have a happy and productive day. When we are so busy attending parties, events and tending to family and friends we can easily forget the small (big!) things that enable us to be energised and happy, like sleep.

Now, try one!

Even doing just one of the above will give you so many benefits. Remember, you create the reality that you experience. If you leave that in the control of your outside world or to the people around you, you may not like what unfolds.

Take control of how you want to feel and how you want to enjoy your holiday season. The choice is completely yours.

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