Are you a person with a big warehouse and do not know what to do with it? Usually, if you have a large space and ask other people for suggestions on what to do with it, the typical answer would be to rent it out. This idea isn’t too bad, but there are other ways to earn money from a big warehouse. Let us discuss a few small business ideas that would be perfect for a person with a big warehouse.

Storage Space

Most people have too much stuff lying around the house which takes up a lot of their space at home. So, you can create a storage space wherein people can rent out a fixed amount of space for a price. Your warehouse gets to earn while solving the clutter problem of people. If you have a warehouse for lease in Kansas City, New York City, or any other city, do not waste it. You can hire a builder to help you partition your warehouse and get help to have some type of security measure to be installed so that items would be safe inside your warehouse. After completing this, you can ask for help from real estate agents to help you get clients quickly.

Co-working space

Co-working spaces are a huge hit for the past few years. A lot of people need to do their work at a place which is safe and neat. Usually, people can’t work from home due to distractions and other factors. So, turn your warehouse into a co-working space. You can have different companies staying in one place. It would be much better if those companies or businesses can work together in some way.

Events area

A lot of events just need a lot of space for it to happen. Private parties can be done inside a vast warehouse. You do not even need to have anything done to your warehouse to get events. The event producer could be the one to decorate the place for their event. All you have to do is provide the area. This is one of the easiest ways to earn from having a big warehouse.

Film set

You can rent out your warehouse to film producers. They can shoot scenes in your warehouse which require huge spaces or a green screen for special effects. It would cost the movie producers much less compared to filming in different locations, which is why CGI is the way for movies to have more “locations” without having to fly around the world.


You can create a gym with a huge space like a warehouse. You just have to invest in gym equipment and get some gym members. So, gym members would have to pay a monthly fee for using your equipment. A lot of people are starting to go the healthier route. So, take advantage of this. It also goes to show that “health is wealth.”


If you have a big warehouse, do not waste it. You can earn a lot of money just because you have an enormous space. Real estate is always a great way to earn money. So, whenever you have a space that other people can use, make money off of it.