All risk is not created equal. The trepidation risk is met with varies as much as the risk itself and the individual’s tolerance for risk. And let’s face it; some risk has large odds of failing. Reward is the catalyst for taking risky behavior. Smart people avoid dumb risk. Smart people calculate their risk tolerance. Smart people are grounded and solid in their ability to keep commitments. Smart people build self reliability to be the biggest version of them.

Knowing from our deep inner center that to remain the same is riskier than changing, we are compelled to explore avenues to attain a successful result.

When I heard one of my heroes, Dr. Wayne Dyer say: ‘Don’t Die with your Music Still in You’, my deep center was touched. My deep center truly knows me, seemingly more than I know myself at times. My deep center is the purest essence of me, untainted by input and perceptions of others.

Who hasn’t been the recipient of looks of dismay, when we seek to explain ourselves to others, so they will understand us? I’ve either thought someone knew me and would want to know me more or I wanted someone’s understanding when I’ve sought to explain a part of me which approached my deep center. This egotistical gibberish is not well invested. Seeking to gain another person’s understanding is unfair. Expecting another human to completely understand the deepest part of our aspirations is nonsense. The healthiest move toward accomplishment is to realize our own personal power to reach our target, be it a deeply internal or external achievement.

Personal power isn’t granted by an organization or other person unless we permit it. While working in my 25 year corporate career, possibilities swirled in my mind about my path to achieving my next big step in a new direction. All the while I enjoyed my life with a career where I was blessed to garner vast intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Ultimately I gave up a successful thriving business I founded and put my heart and soul into. The move I made was anything but risky to me. I felt as though I had no choice but to follow my heart. Possibilities were gelling into shape which resonated with my values and dreams. I gained the life I have now, with much more freedom and ability to express my creativity and talents wholly. I couldn’t abandon this dream which has been with me for life, because my greatest commitment to my own self care is for expansion. I seek to be free to be myself and help others in the same fashion.

If I tell you my life has been a dream, it is with the caveat that my dream hasn’t been a cake walk. I resist any notion that the challenges and difficulties have been opposed to my success. The strength and resilience I have expressed has been a perfect set up for where I am now. I love the life I am creating. You deserve to love your life too.

Many paths are possible. The course to what we want is laid out in steps. We don’t often see the big map of how our desired destiny will unfold. Each step, as easy or difficult as it is, is getting us ready for the unfolding of a dream. It isn’t always possible to see the end from the beginning although we dream it every step of the way. Enjoy the view from where you are now. A winding trail is the most beautiful way to travel.

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  • Tam John

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