Ever consider writing a book? Based on reports and studies, most people feel they ‘have a book in them’. I believe this to be true. Think about it, everyone has a story to tell or something they want to talk about. 

When you write it allows time for reflection – sharpening the intellect and challenging the mind; ultimately, restoring areas in tiny pockets of the brain. When we go through things, at that time we cannot necessarily see the importance of the event and how it creates a path for better outcome. But when we take moment to write about it either immediately after or after time passes, we look at the event as a catalyst or a pivotal point in our history.

Life has a way of lining one event to another. Facing that area through writing pushes one into a better place at present, and for the future. Granted we can talk to others – which we should – but at times the keyboard, pen, paper, i.e. writing is an extremely healthy solution to questions.

Open your mind, open your heart, open your eyes, and look – write. Build confidence; understand you no longer have anything to prove. You are who you are, you’ve proved your worth and have greatness. Free your thoughts, free your heart and mind. See yourself, who you truly are, not where you’ve been, not what you’ve done, not the mistakes you’ve made, but who you truly are. It can start with writing.

I wrote a book, then another book then another book; not concentrating on the financial aspect, but the writing and its benefit to me and others. As a result of those books I started  a privately owned book publishing and digital media company – paving the way for a cycle of therapy, confidence, eye-openers and potential financial success through writing books. 

Here are few more reasons why you should write is the best idea:

Enlightening: Writing can be very eye-opening. Although readers travel through a book, learning different things or enjoying certain stories, writer’s take themselves on a journey of enlightenment as well.

Therapeutic: Depending on the topic a writer chooses to talk about, writing can be quite soothing.

Revenue: A number of authors are famous and make plenty of money from their books. Granted the number of wealthy authors may be few, but selling any amount of books is another stream of income.

New Ventures: Books have the potential to open doors to other ventures. I’ve seen a number of individuals (including myself), that started out with a written book that evolved into an entire business or other venture. Had it not been for the book, the new venture never would have crossed their mind.

Get Your Message Out: If there’s something you’d like people to know, a book is an excellent way to detail your message and say all that you have to say without time restraints.