Life is complex and complicated if we say that it is. After researching various schools of thought, a few different religions, and a lot of psychology, I’ve figured out a simple perspective that makes life easier to navigate by granting us with our very own personal access to the universal life force energy what is typically referred to as God and/or our highest self.

This access allows us to shift, transform, and manipulate energy so that we consciously begin to design and deliberately create the lives we want to live, according to our terms, on our conditions, ultimately giving us permission to experience our “Happily Ever After.”

This perspective requires us to think of life as a three-dimensional, holographic, mirror where all of our experiences, relationships, and situations are reflections of ourselves. It’s based on the energetic patterns of our thoughts and emotions and the Law of Sympathetic Resonance.

The vibrations we emit create the mirror reflections of the same energetic patterns in terms of people, events, and situations we experience. The holographic, 3-D universe is entirely created by us, our thoughts, and emotions. Our lives are direct reflections of our “vibes” or energetic vibrational frequencies.

If we want to change our lives, change our circles of influence, change our financial situations, change our zip codes, change our weight, change our diets, or change our relationships–so that we can start to reflect and attract our Happily Ever After–we must vibrate higher.

Continue to expand your consciousness. Honor love, give thanks, be kind, compassionate, and helpful. When we know better, we do better. When we do better, the smoke starts to clear, we polish our mirrors, and our lives start to change. We become energetically aligned and begin to live on purpose. We tap into our own magical creative energy and begin to paint life’s moments exactly how we want them to look.

Happy polishing! ?