I see the light in the darkness text in letter board

“If we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics.
We have to do both.”

— Barack Obama

What a week it’s been.

My heart goes out to George Floyd, his family and those who’ve suffered (and continue to suffer).

As I watched pain on both sides erupt and scorch—from protesting to pillaging, to raiding and ransacking. . . I wondered how this justifiable anger seethed and smoldered daily within their own individual lives, or their families.

Some say memory is in our DNA. . .as we practice anger, hatred, revenge it leaves indelible marks not only in our cells but also lays seeds for those in our future.

Our unequal approach to keeping law and order has left a gaping gash.

The cracks in the mirror of social cohesion have always been there –starting from early slave patrols to unlawful surveillance of civil rights advocates.

The cracks continued to slide and spider under the weight of each wrongful criminalization of people of color.

From Sacramento to Selma, Ferguson to Floyd, we’ve separated and splintered and finally snapped, fatally fractured by the use of unjust force.

The places and times may be different, but the crush of these ongoing tragedies are the same.

But I believe.

I believe:
we have the power to make change happen.

I believe:
we all have a role to play.

as community champion
as our country’s changers

Stand up to subtle forms of discrimination.
Eradicate everyday racism.

Mobilize, organize, electoralize.

Mobillze proper policing practices.
Organize innovative ideas and rethink public safety.
Electoralize ballots for the right candidates who’ll not only talk but act on reform.

We need to work in our communities at all levels to realize a shared vision of safety that includes all and lifts up those most affected by pernicious police practices.

Let’s fix this. #UntilWeAllWin