Ever you think why do we snore. To stop snoring is not always easy. Snoring can be very persistent and it is often difficult to find out what the exact cause of your snoring problem is. However, it is important to address your snoring behavior in time, because prolonged snoring can lead to unpleasant ailments. Read below the 5 best tips for snoring.

1. Change your lifestyle
If you snore regularly, this does not necessarily mean that you have to spend claws with money on expensive anti snoring solutions. Often you can already do a lot to drastically reduce snares.
Snoring behavior is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle . Things like obesity , smoking and alcohol are big snore outliers. Addressing unhealthy lifestyle habits can therefore help stop snoring. Things that you can do yourself include:
To lose weight
Excess fat can cause snares, especially if it is around the neck and throat . This causes a thickening of the throat walls, which narrows the airway. As a result, air has to move through a smaller opening , which can lead to a turbulent airflow. This causes vibrations of the weak tissues in the pharynx: the snoring sound. Losing excess pounds can remedy snoring or reduce it to a large extent.
2. Snoring app
Unfortunately, a snoring app will not solve your snoring problem overnight. A good snoring app, however, can be an important ally when it comes to tackling your snoring problem.
What exactly can you do with a snoring app? First, a snore app helps you to map your snoring problem. You can run a snoring app at night so that it can measure exactly how much and how hard you snore . Most apps also take samples of your snoring, so you can listen back. You can also often find information about various remedies for snoring.
But this is not all. The best feature of a snoring app is that you can test which remedies are effective for you . You can indicate whether you have used a particular night (for example) an anti snoring agent or have drunk or smoked before bedtime. You can compare these results to see what your snoring behavior provokes or dissolves.

3 Anti snoring brace
If changing lifestyle does not produce enough results, most snorers will eventually choose to use an anti-snoring agent . The best choice for 90% of snorers is an anti snoring brace .
An anti snoring brace is a dental brace that wears the snorer at night and ensures that the lower jaw is held forward . This prevents it from falling backwards and the pharynx becoming blocked. The result is that the tongue and soft palate stay in place and the pharynx remains open during the night. This will remedy the snoring.

4. Nose spreader against snoring
Some people snore because they can not breathe properly through their noses . This can have various causes, such as a temporary cold or allergic reaction . But things like a deviant nasal septum, nasal polyps or an enlarged nose almond can also be the culprit.
The result of a blocked nose entrance is that forced mouth breathing takes place. This causes a too low air pressure in the pharynx when inhaling, causing snoring complaints.
5. Exercises against snoring
At the beginning of this article we talked about weak muscles as a possible cause of snoring. Another effective way to remedy snoring is to train these muscles . Brazilian professor Geraldo Lorenzi-Filho has conducted a study in which the effectiveness of certain exercises against snoring and mild sleep apnea has been demonstrated.

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