In May we brought She Ventures back to Cali and headed to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The time leading up to those events was a deep period of transition and transformation for me that started back in October 2017. Life took a lot of twists and turns, some expected and some not so. If I am honest though, the past 10 years have been a period of transition, transformation, and reinvention to shaping me into the woman I am today. A lot has happened: started new careers, recovered from a painful divorce, moved to several new cities, moved countries, started new companies, went on a lot new adventures, and came to know the woman within.

This beautiful life is one big adventure, we are all a work in progress. The gift is to live each day fully and authentic to our truths. Below what I shared at our May events.

So Here I Am:

A woman perfectly imperfect
Born with a heart fierce and innocent to believe that wild and crazy dreams were within reach
On a journey with that heartfelt knowledge has led to life’s greatest adventure

So many times bruised, broken, with fear in sight
I thought of that innocent belief: I can
That belief we are all born with
That belief that unfortunately modern culture tries to break down
At least it has for me.

Who was I a woman to go climb big mountains when I could not even run a mile?
Who was I to have a voice for women and that violence against women was wrong? I was no celeb
Who was I to start companies with no “pedigree” as dear Silicon Valley told me?
Who was I to be ALL woman: Mind. Body.Spirit?

Never fitting into a particular “box”:
Ethnicity: Latina
Profession: Entrepreneur, Speaker, Adventurer, Consultant, Writer, Event Planner, Activist, Coach
Location: Good Question 🙂
Marital Status: Divorced but still a believer in love and marriage
Education: BBA, MBA, Big Mountains, Solo Travel, Hard Knocks of Life

So here I am a woman who has tried and failed ample times in life
A woman that with her whole heart believes women are the largest untapped resource in the world and wishes to change that
A woman that has been told “No” more times than she can count
A woman whose heart has had to mend itself multiple times over
A woman with a bucket list that only seems to grow as I grow older

So here I am a woman that believes in every woman in this room, in this city, in this world
In our power to drive change and make this world better

So here I am a woman changed by adventure, not just those of reaching the highest points on earth, but those of reaching the deepest parts of her soul

So here I am a woman on a journey, on my biggest adventure….living
Living life as I am
By my own rules and hopefully igniting a spark for others to stand tall, proud, fierce, with that innocent belief we were all born with
That we can
That we will
Do anything and everything our hearts are calling of us

So here I am a woman perfectly imperfect
Pulsing, vibing, alive, committed to living life every day as an adventure
Testing limits
Supporting others along the way

So here I am a woman perfectly imperfect
A human with big dreams and a big heart
Open to every beautiful opportunity life presents
Holding onto that innocent belief: I can

She Ventures LA Event At Red Bull HQ

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  • Georgina Miranda

    CEO She Ventures || Adventure Athlete|| Transformation Coach|| Speaker || Activist

    Georgina has helped people and companies transform for over a decade. She is a social entrepreneur, adventure athlete, international speaker, writer, transformation coach, consultant, mindfulness and energy practitioner, and founder and CEO of She Ventures. An adventure athlete, Georgina is in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam, a grueling challenge of climbing the highest peak on each continent and skiing to the North and South Pole. A feat that less than 20 women have completed globally. This journey has taken her to climb Mt. Everest twice, and began in 2008, when she could barely run a mile. Her mission is to share the stories of women and places at risk highlighting gender-based violence and climate change. She also shares how mindfulness and a shift in mindset was the key to her own personal transformation. Featured & Quoted In: Forbes, Vox, Glamour, NBC News, Mindful Magazine, Intel, Women’s Health, Huff Post, Latina, and many more media outlets and films. She uses her voice and adventures to advocate for women’s rights and equality, climate change, and mental wellness. A Latina with Indigenous Central American Ancestry and the daughter of immigrants from Nicaragua and El Salvador. An activist, mountaineer, skier, world traveler, yogi, meditator, reiki practitioner, & overall adventurer inside and out.