One sensation we can all collectively relate to is hitting a snag in our well-laid plans that feels like a major blow. With every snag in our plans, we can become more and more discouraged than we ever were before. This can happen in any facet of life, from relationships to our jobs, without discrimination. It may have been something we never saw coming or one we’d been dreading for ages. Either way, there is no fun to be had in these situations for any of us. Wherever we’ve experienced the dreaded setback, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road as long as we don’t allow it to be.

Below we’ll be discussing our favorite tips for how to lose our inhibitions and be prepared for the good to come.

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  • Maybe we’ve stumbled along our trek, but in the long run, are we any worse for wear? To answer this question, we will have to take stock of the damage done and what is left behind. We can often view any mess up, on our part or that of others, as an unconquerable hurdle, but really has anything truly changed? We may have missed an opportunity presented to us, which is disheartening, but we aren’t in any worse position than we were before. We have to stop and acknowledge that we may not have made any progress forward, but we also didn’t lose our footing.
  • Seeing others get what we want can be crushing to anyone, but we can’t compare our journey to that of another. The green monster called jealousy has no place inside of us and will eventually hinder us from future endeavors. Looking at what someone else has and envying it doesn’t get us anywhere. However, it can, in fact, prevent us from fulfilling our goals that are far more important than letting our jealousy dominate our emotions. Take a breath and let go of the comparisons we may want to draw to those around us. 
  • We may also have to consider reevaluating our goals and the strategies we use to achieve them. If a plan wasn’t successful the first time, that doesn’t automatically mean we should immediately scrap it. But we should view it as a moment to reevaluate how we ended up where we are and what we can do going forward to stop a similar experience from happening. When we glance back at our previous attempts, we may find tweaks to be made in hindsight that we didn’t see initially. Growth is the aim of it all, and if we can look back, we can find ourselves more equipped the next time around.
  • The final lesson to be taken is that we have to be ready for the exciting opportunities awaiting us. A dose of a good old fashion setback can put us off from a previously held intention or dream, even if it shouldn’t. While we may not have necessarily found success now, that doesn’t mean we won’t next time. We have to be willing to embrace what the future may hold, otherwise, we won’t be able to thrive later on no matter how much we prepare.

Whenever we are faced with a challenge, we have to possess the courage to pick ourselves up again, even when we don’t feel like it is possible. If we allow the many trials in life to define who we are and what our future will go, we have already lost the battle. We may be given challenges along the way, but the point is to persevere beyond those.