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Do you want to live or retire somewhere where the weather typically never falls below 61° f (16° c)? With an average temperature of 77° f to 81° f ( 25° c to 27° c ), the Yucatán, Mexico offers the perfect climate for warm weather lovers, also referred to as snowbirds. Not only is the climate near perfect, the culture, shopping and safety are something to rave about.

Campeche, Quintana Roo and the Yucatán make up the Yucatán Peninsula. Locals consider the Yucatán, the state of the Yucatán. Its capital, Mérida, Mexico, is a 15th century colonial city with beautiful architecture and historical depth. Many associate the Yucatán with Cancun, however Cancun is located in the state of Quintana Roo. So, let’s explore the state of the Yucatán a little deeper.

Mayan Influence: Home to many Mayan ruins including Chichen Itza and Uxmal, the Yucatán offers access to some of the greatest culture in history. Did you know Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders of the world? Beyond the ruins, is the connected river system beneath the peninsula, which is home to hundreds, if not thousands of cenotes. Cenotes are cave-like swimming holes, and known to the Mayans as the entrance to the underworld or afterlife.

Culture: With a Mayan flair and descendants from the Spaniard conquistadors, the Yucatán is rich with culture. From its gastronomy to its traditions, the locals are very prideful. They love to share their piece of heaven on earth with you. Whether it is watching the traditional dance on Thursday evenings in Santa Lucia Square in Mérida, or sharing their beloved pork dish, cochinita pibil, the culture is inviting.

Safety: The state of the Yucatán is rated the safest state in Mexico. There are police checks in and out of the city, which should not be taken as intimidating to a tourist or expat. The police are doing their job to keep the state safe. With pride and respect a significant piece of the culture, locals don’t want crime, and truly show their hospitality.

Healthcare: The capital city, Mérida, offers world class healthcare facilities. From hospitals to dentists, many travel from across the world to receive treatments, making the Yucatán one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Need a doctor? There are pharmacies located throughout the city that have a doctor on duty, providing non-urgent access to healthcare treatment.

Shopping: Mérida has everything! From Costco to street vendors, and a local market (full of spices and produce even Martha Stewart loves) to world class shopping malls, you literally have access to anything your heart desires. When is the last time you have been in a shopping mall with an ice skating rink? Ok, perhaps the Galleria in Dallas, Texas, however, across America you will not even find malls as big as those located in Mérida.

Gastronomy: The restaurants here are world class, even rivaling those in Mexico city. (Try Rosa Sur 32, Ku’uk, Rosas & Xocolate, Apoala) Which is good news if you are a foodie. And if food is not your thing, you will love the local flavors in authentic Mayan dishes. (Try Hacienda Teya, La Chaya Maya, or La Negrita) A favorite, the arm of the queen, is a tamale-like dish made with eggs. We need to mention the many night spots for adult beverages or dancing (La Mezcaleria) located in Mérida. Last but not least, if you ever get the chance to try the fruit, mamey, it is a must.

And if this is not enough. The cost of living is good right now. The U.S. Dollar continues to be strong against the peso. At the time of the article, the exchange rate was at an all time high… $19 pesos to $1 USD. What does this mean? A beer that costs approximately $4–5 in the U.S., is approximately $1 in the state of the Yucatán.

Oh, and one more thing. The Yucatán is not Cancun. Yes, we’ve already said that, yet Cancun food and drink prices are often surged with tourist pricing. The state of Yucatán, including Mérida and its surrounding beach towns offer a more local experience.

If it is warm weather, authentic, and easy to get to you want? Consider the Yucatán. We are partial to Mérida and Sisal. Come and see for yourself what makes living in the Yucatán the best!

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