You’re probably wondering- what in the world are champagne problems? I saw a bathing suit with the words ‘Champagne Problems’ while walking around a department store and it stopped me in my tracks. Champagne problems? Really? It even made me smile at the  thought of such decadence.  As with all things it could mean different things to different people, but to me it speaks to being in a problem-free zone. This speaks to having a Blissful Life! I decided to give it meaning in my own life.
Champagne Problems: A celebratory state of mind where there are solutions, understanding, abundance, and pure joy that goes far beyond the temporary and somehow embraces the everlasting state of blessings. 
Champagne problems also speak to having the freedom to explore the superficial vs. being consumed with matters that feel like they hold life or death significance. For example: Should I drive the Bentley or the Range? Should we go to our villa in St. Tropes or St. Lucia this year? Yes, please!!!!!!! Even writing this puts me at ease. I’ve been in a place of transition and when you’re in that state, things tend to feel heavy and complicated. But guess what? This is only temporary. It’s important to get to the problem-free zone – even if it’s only in your mind. The key is to get there and the bubbles will follow…

Coach Khaya’s Bliss Life Tips to Try @ Home:
1. Find a Champagne Problem Mentor. There are people who actually live like this and they are probably people you already know. They’re the people who seem oblivious to the problems in their lives. They simply don’t care to give life or energy to their problems. Instead, they are all about finding workarounds and viable solutions. Find those people and let your curiosity take the lead! Get as much information from them as you can, so that you, too can create a problem-free zone that’s right for you.
2. Make a point to ignore your problems more than you focus on them. Seems impossible, right? It’s not! Start treating those problems like someone you’ve decided to cut ties with because the relationship no longer serves you. Yes there’s a sense of familiarity, but you no longer make them a priority. Choose not to be brought down!
3.  Affirm your problem-free life every single day by creating your own manifesto! Mine goes something like this: 
Today I’m focusing on my blessings. The things that I have and want in my life. The things that make me smile. I acknowledge that when I fill my life with these thoughts, there’s little room for anything else! Something really great is on the horizon and I’m here for it! I’m open to my good and I’m constantly making room for it! Today is going to be a wonderful, miracle-filled day! 
4. Spread the good news. It may be tempting to share your problems with those who comfort you, but try to keep it positive. Ok. Give it ten seconds and then release it to the sea of forgetfulness! You never want to leave a conversation on a negative note. It’s exhausting for both you and the person listening. Remember the ten-second rule.
5. Go back to the source. Think about where the problem began and you’ll likely find that it began because something good happened. For example, a faulty car means that I actually have a car. An issue at work means that I actually have a job. The problem isn’t great, but the source is usually a blessing. Go back to the source and you might remember that this was once a problem you used to wish for on some level. Assure yourself that it will be resolved in due time.

You deserve bliss. That’s one of the many important reasons you’re here- to overcome, to love, to thrive, to celebrate, and to be problem FREE!

“The absence of problems is the absence of fear, doubt, worry, and anything else that appears to stand in the way of your highest good. Open the door to a problem-free state of mind and open the door to the life you’ve always dreamed of.”

~Coach Khaya