Instead of calling it social distancing, how about calling it physical distancing?

Just because the government and its associates recommend people keep physical distance from each other, doesn’t mean we can’t be socially close.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to come together and align for the greater good of ALL… if we are thoughtful, loving, positive, and patient with ourselves and each other.

The language we choose to use in our daily lives, is important to be conscious of and intentional with.

Words can heal and unite us, as well as destroy and separate us… depending on which words we choose to use.

In these temporary challenging circumstances, there can be unintended negative consequences, especially psychologically… for extroverts who subscribe to the vocabulary that current “authority figures” are prescribing.

Thanks to technology, we can connect with countless people around the globe, spreading love and positive ideas merely by choosing to use positive words. 

Fortunately, you still have the freedom to choose which words you use to make the best of times. I hope you choose to use words that heal and unite our species.

I Love You. ❤️❤️❤️

Please share this article if it resonates with you and you would like others to be mindful about the language they use. Thank you.

Be like the Sun, for it always finds a way to break through the clouds and shine upon Earth, perpetuating the Circle of Life. – photo taken by Sorinne Ardeleanu