Around 3.2 Billion individuals use web-based social networking sites, sharing their personal information as pictures, recordings, and so forth.

Why wouldn’t they? They can rake up all the perks such as they get to know the updates of their friends and connections, their whereabouts, etc. Social Media acts as a medium to share work, travel quests with the world and so on.

Let’s talk about its dark angle: Exhaustion, Insecurity, Cyberbullying, Privacy issues, stalking etc.

How can we stay safe from these adverse impacts?
On an average, mobile users check their devices every 6.5 minutes. It has been identified as “cell phone checking” for its contagious nature.Stepping away from social media platforms helps to get time for oneself and extract unhealthy feelings like jealousy, depression etc.
Cherish the moment and don’t let the addiction to affect your “real life”.
Digital will:
Have you ever wondered what would happen to your information stored in social media accounts, emails during an emergency? You wouldn’t want them to get into wrong hands.It is recommended to draft a digital will and foolproof your data. 
“YOWILL” is coming up with a mission to secure your information and of your loved ones.
Strong passcodes and privacy settings:
Set a solid password! In the event that you can’t think about any, take help of a provider.
Don’t reveal too much of personal information on social media platforms.It doesn’t mean you ought to need to uncover your area or some other individual data like a mobile number, email, and so forth.
Set solid security settings regarding Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Lockout the data to outsiders. Ensure it is only visible to the people you intend to.
Shy Away From Strangers:
You need not acknowledge every add or connection request you receive. Have a look at their profiles, mutual friends, profile pic and afterward, hit the accept button. There is no disgrace in declining it or on the off chance that somebody bothers you, you can block them.

Over to you: Let me know if you have any other tips.