Blake Wynn, at only 19-years-old, has successfully built a business by leveraging the most powerful tool that the millennial and generation Z adults have at their fingertips—social media! Like most, the young entrepreneur wanted to pursue the traditional route to success (college), but the calling on his life was very different. He soon found out that he had what it took to not only launch a multi-figure business but become a social media marketing wizard! 

During the interview, he recounts how his journey to success tested his ambition and drive. He also shared that he feels so lucky to be able to turn his passion into a viable business. “I’ve been very lucky that my passions have translated into a financial success.” During the interview, it was easy to forget that the talented Blake Wynn was only 19-years-old. His focus and determination

Using Social Media Popularity to Grow His Brand

Blake Wynn, a native Las Vegas resident used his highschool social media following of over 60,000 on Instagram to help launch his social media marketing career and because of his large outreach, he was able to rub virtual elbows with a large number of influential people. These influential sports figures came to him to get access to the most sought after athletic apparel like Puma and Stock X. After a while of connecting sports figures with top clothing brands, the idea to offer marketing services sparked inside of his mind and that was the birth of his career. He said, “ Why stop there, I can help [potential clients] get branding deals with anybody.” So he began on his journey to help professionals in the sports industry expand their outreach and create new oppurtunities for themselves. 

He Brings Significance to His Services

Wynn believes in providing the most authentic experience for his clients. Because he is determined to offer the best results, he goes above and beyond expectations in delivery. “I went to 28 cities in 31 days, and I went on a meet and greet tour. I do the unattainable but because of my young age, I’m relatable.”

He also believes in putting the needs of his customers first. As a social media influencer who has worked with marketing agencies in the past, he knew the kind of pressure that agencies put their clients under and he didn’t want his customers to feel the same way. He believes in freeing his clients to work with other agencies because he knows that offering exceptional services is the true key to retaining customers for the long haul! “We’re not exclusive. You can go sign with 10 agencies for all I care. We’re just here to help you make more money and build meaningful relationships.”

Actions are Everything

The key to success is knowledge. Blake Wynn attributes his success to his experiences. When asked about how he could help other young entrepreneurs succeed in growing their own business, he had this to say: Results are king! “Build a personal brand for yourself and if you’re successful in doing that, then you can share your ideas with larger companies—you will be able to get a job anywhere or build your own personal brand. “He also stated how there is money to be made in simply having a successful personal brand and if a young man like him can do it, anyone can! The road isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to do what it takes to generate the results, anything can happen!”

His credibility lies in his experience not outlandish marketing claims or sales pitches. He knows the recipe for both organic and paid social media outreach and growth and he knows how to generate desired results time and time again! “I’ve done it. I don’t really say a whole ‘lot. Actions are everything.” 

Future #GOALS

Knowing the power of social media marketing, he plans to change the trajectory of his business in 60 years. He knows that he can do so much more for his clients (than many of his competitors) and plans to continue to offer them an organic approach to their online image, and as a young entrepreneur in the marketing game, he has many more years to perfect his craft. “My goal is to become the number 1 marketing agency for NFL players and entertainers. By creating organic content for premium athletes, I believe that marketing can be more engaging than simply posting a picture and hashtag about a product. It can be more organic… more real!  This is what separates us from the competition.”

Blake Wynn, the social media marketing wizard, can be contacted via Instagram @Just_Wynn.


  • Jourdain Bell

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