It hasn’t always been easy for John Ferguson, who was born with Achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism. His difference hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dream of becoming a social media star, in fact it may have helped his cause. He’s been making people laugh since he can remember, but now it has become his career.

In this article John shares his best tips to avoid burnout and stay motivated.

Biggest Distress Tips  

In a high energy and bustling industry, it can be a lot more difficult to manage without distress tips. Fortunately, John shared some of his biggest distress tips to help inform others. The best tip Ferguson can give is to avoid stress or to minimize the stress factor, take a step back, and look at your situation from afar. He states that you need to realize what is causing the stress and really understand that whatever is stressing you out, can be resolved and completed. The next tip John suggests is to realize you’re not the only one, as it is very crucial. He adds onto this by including that you are not the only one stressed out, as nearly everyone faces some type of adversity and stressful situation on a daily basis. John then mentions that you are going to get through it and at the end of the day it will resolve itself. Ferguson ends this by expressing “Your work isn’t your life, there are many other things that are equally, and in some cases, more important and it is essential to have many interests and healthy relationships.”

Avoiding Burnouts

Ferguson avoids a stressful day by taking breaks. He believes breaks are definitely essential in order to avoid a burnout, as you need time to focus on things you enjoy for your brain to refuel. John has discovered that breaks also help him generate more creative ideas for when he gets back to work. This allows him to appreciate what he has worked for, which further motivates him to work even harder. Another key strategy John uses to avoid stress is to speak with others in his industry. When he takes breaks, he enjoys calling people within his niche, which gives him a chance to vocalize his ideas, as well as receive feedback from others. Ferguson states that having others who can relate to the things that stress you out, also helps you avoid those stressors in the future. 

Main Tips for Successful Habits

John’s personal main tip for a successful habit is to write down at least 10 video ideas a day, even if he won’t do all of them. It brings him peace knowing that he has multiple backup plans if he creates a video that doesn’t reach his expectations. He also mentions that brainstorming is key, it helps him add on to an idea that he has to make even better. Ferguson believes that once you have a plan in place, it makes the execution much easier. Something else John does for a successful habit is to set goals for himself, as it has always helped him succeed. He believes once you have those goals set out, you will do anything you can to reach them. Whether it be a 70-hour work week or thinking outside the box for a video in order to reach the goals. 


Ferguson’s main motivation is other people’s successes. When he sees others within his industry succeed and achieve higher levels of success, it fuels him to work even harder and make more content. Becoming the most successful and well-known entertainer with dwarfism is another motivational factor for John. He has always wanted to be the best and be able to raise awareness for the little people community. Having the chance to use his platform for good has always brought motivation for John to work harder and increase his platform, not only for himself, but for others as well. 


  • Johnny Medina

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