Her contribution towards society making difference

Being a marketing and partnership professional based in Mumbai, India. She is known for ‘Woman of Tech’ for doing exception contribution at her workplace. She got an opportunity to work for Twitter around 2016 for an year. The ability to work for a platform which reaches millions of people at a single time, has always amazed her, and when individual want to make a difference in the new age communication – work becomes passion. Renita Pinto used to research about ‘how the audience behaves during important events’ and ‘what the audience wants to consume in order for them to stay on the platform’. The answer was content only. That’s when she got into a tug-of-war to get the best content by turning content duration limitation into a winning strategy.

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People always says when you grow up, you become more aware of global and neighborhood issues, but in her case – things were slightly different. “My early childhood was not spent in comfort unlike now, so I was aware of the struggles of 90% of the population of India. My mother used to tell me, that education is a powerful tool to turn things around, and she pressurized both her daughters to study more and more. Yes, her thought did prove things right. Education leads to employment – that leads to achieving dreams etc. With things accelerating in my career, my childhood memory lead me to empower girl child especially”, Renita recalls.

Most of the people around the world are connected to social media, to share and aware others. One global issue that can be easily solved is – global warming. “We need to be more and more aware of the problems that can be created if we don’t have the planet at all. I have a deep intuition within me that COVID-19 pandemic is caused because we are not creating a balance between development and nature”, she mentioned. Mumbai in India is one of the most polluted cities in spite of having a bay. Because of the lock-down people can see stars in the night (no that doesn’t happen so often), but it’s strange that – we have clear air and we have to roam with a mask. 

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Off lately a lot of young ninjas are stepping up to make a difference in whatever way possible. Many people specially from Mumbai, India stepped up to prevent cutting of trees. Her timeline is full of friends distributing blankets to the homeless during winters. Giving food to the poor, feeding strays, adopting kids to help them complete education, donating blood, spending time at the old age home.

When she got a pet (a rabbit) at home, he kinda changed her a lot – he taught her to be kind and be more empathetic. This made her closer to animal care and planet conversation eventually. 

Message by the ‘Woman of Tech’ and brave lady, Renita Pinto:

My mom and dad used to tell me, an education is the powerful tool to change the life, go for it. Be independent. Lift other girls and people who are struggling. Keep changing your profession till you find peace. Give, share – whatever you can. Time, old books, old clothes to someone who may need it be kind and empathetic. People will never forget you. Animal care is more essential too.