Sodexo Food Cards

The Sodexo Meal Pass is India’s leading employee meal-benefit solution

Meal expenses have been a major issue of concern for salaried individuals. Living away from home or managing the groceries for the entire family can be a tedious task. A significant chunk of the salary goes in buying groceries or ordering food.

To save the employee from such hassles, the employer can help the employee save their in-hand salary by reducing the taxes. Employees can give a portion of their salary as meal benefits with the help of a Digital Meal Card. In the present-day scenario, it is a common practice, and many companies are offering Sodexo Meal Cards to their employees. However, HR has many options to choose from. Sodexo has always been the top priority in the minds of people as it is one of the companies that is a pioneer in serving small, medium and large-sized organizations. The Sodexo Meal Pass is India’s leading employee meal-benefit solution.

Sodexo Meal Card is a tax-compliant solution that can be offered to the employees by any organization; large or small. It is a digitally secure pin-based card that can be activated on the online portal. It works in the same manner as any credit card or debit card works; i.e. a pin can be generated at the employee’s end and will be required to process any transaction. It must be a unique pin known to the card owner only. This eliminates the loss or misuse of paper vouchers that were earlier in circulation.

It is a trusted solution to increase the in-hand salary of an employee. It reduces the amount paid as tax levied on employees’ monthly income. When calculated, the amount sums up to Rs 12,000/- per employee annually. This amount can be used to buy food and non-alcoholic beverages. Apart from the tax saving benefit, the cardholder can enjoy Sodexo-exclusive offers across various local and national outlets. These offers are extra savings that go up to Rs. 8,000/- per year and can be redeemed across multiple brands online as well as offline. Therefore, the total money saved comes up to Rs. 20,000 annually.

Once the employee understands this easy trick of budgeting and optimizing the tax benefits through Sodexo Meal Pass, it’s time to start filling in stocks with your favorites from every shelf. Sodexo Meal Card is accepted at 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance while enhancing the quality of a worker’s life. Sodexo merchants include KFC, McDonald’s, Box8, Singla Sweets, The Mondo Kitchen, The Cafe Baraco, White Potato Restaurant, Neo Politan Pizza and many more. Moreover, one can choose from multiple options while you order online from Zomato, Swiggy, Bigbasket and FreshMenu. So far, the solution has catered to such an extensive audience that the solution is recognized by 11,000+ companies spread across both- the public and the private sector.