Work! Work! It never ends. We have become so caught up in a society, where work transforms us into products of work. An inverse to how natural movement should be. Work has drained us of our energy, rather than bring forth the spirit of restoration. At least that’s the idea in the real world. Then of course, there are those times of being stuck in piles and piles of work, where we go through the task of being in a torture chamber! We hate the work, and it must be done. Yet, as opposed to seeing it as a list of chores to do, to be checked off, what if we begin to see work as a journey of personal restoration for the day? A process of creating, re-creating, and organizing energy, all in the business of removing dead energy. Giving the aftermath of being replenished by the life-sustaining ones.


We have all had our moments! Whether finishing a final paper for our undergraduate or graduate courses. Staying late hours at the office to complete that office report for tomorrow’s meeting. No one can ever forget how agonizing it is wanting it to be over. You want it to be completed, so that you can get to more meaningful, exciting projects at work, or in your studies. There is nothing more agonizing at work, or school, where you have to do something that you absolutely hate! Nothin’ like it. In fact, it is one of the most unpleasant experiences we may ever have; and especially, in the office.

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc. Tic.

Boy, that clock gets longer, and the work gets harder, just by thinking of it.


Stuck to the desk, punching away at the computer keys, pushing through the machine because we. . .just. . .want. . .to. . .get. . .it. . .DONE! Driving our energy into overdrive, because we just want to get it finished. We don’t have time, AND we don’t like the work.

Here’s one question. . .

Why can’t we ENJOY those “tedious” tasks?

Who says that work has to be painful? That we are removed from feeling the pleasures of work. That work is far from any realm of joy, and that we have achieved our optimal amount of work, once we are completely fatigued and drained out.

Gee, what a wonderful way to . . .work!

After going through that painful idea of exhaustion, practically draining myself of all nourishing energies, it was time to do a reality check, on the reality of WORK! Why did I feel that the greatest accomplishment of completing any work, was how much I could finish in a short amount of time? And how much I was drained from the process. That’s right! Which means that my little checklist notebook came out. All the work, decorated in a list, quickly to be marked off for completion. You got it!


I even remember a former violin teacher of mine, stating (I’m paraphrasing, of course, but the content is similar) that a person knows when they have worked hard once they are extremely tired. Well, let’s just say that I definitely performed that throughout undergrad, graduate studies, and any professional realm I was in. I was working hard, BUT I was not living well. I was not moving well. Something had to change. And, it would start with HOW I worked.

No longer would work be something of seeing how far I could transform my body into a machine. How many letters I can push at a time; how quick I can finish publications; how much I could punch out in order to feel that the greatest accomplishments from finishing the work, was getting it all done in one go. Removed from experiencing the wonders of the tasks, and how I was learning by working with. . .the work.

Of course, there are due dates. The work must get done. Yet, it can get done, with a more nourishing touch. How can we feel that texture?


How do we see the nourishment and holistic creativity in paper and digital work?

That journey first changed my mental perception of paper or digital work. A perception of seeing how working on papers, or doing any work on the computer was more of a craft. It was a craft of feeling, and experimenting, with how I could play with words to give them a rhythm or color. If I were using WordExcel for an assignment, the fascination of incorporating symbols into shaped spacing, soon began to overtake my Spirit. Seeing the wonder of technology and how it has an artistic side, makes digital and paperwork, that more enjoyable.


Re-vamping of mentality. . .CHECK!

Then came the environment. How could I change up the work environment, where my work had to be completed? Whether, it is at the office, in the library, or working from a computer at home. Imagining the work space, what would it be to bring music, scented candles, flowers, into the setting? Listening to a comedic film or movie, which makes the tasks more lively and easier to maneuver. Making the environment more pleasurable, making work more enjoyable!


Beautifying Work Spaces As Places of Pleasure. . .CHECK!

There was the final arena for crafting work with a soothing touch, and that was simple. . .Enjoy! Yes, doing work means that it can be enjoyed. And, as opposed to seeing work, as “hard,” I began to see it as soft. It is beautiful and it is a reflection of my inner creativity. Truly engaging, and immersing, with the work allowed me to not only see how I performed, but to discover new skills and new methods, I never knew I had. That includes connecting with time in an auspicious way. Not viewing it as a race against you, but that you are jogging with it! Much more rewarding and energizing, then draining myself to complete it. In this way, I am using the healthy energy in my workspace, re-channeling it into the work, and feeling re-energized when the work is done. Ah! A sigh of relief! Doesn’t work now feel grand?

Connecting with the living energy in the work. . .DOUBLE Check!


Well, that was a bit much, wasn’t it? I guess we have to unpack our old habits of working, if we wish to experience that nourishing energy of work, when we choose to . . .

Work Well!

And working well, is much more productive, than working hard!