Solid wood flooring is, and continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices available on today’s ‘music’. Although it has been used in houses for centuries, it’s popularity has actually increased in recent years and its probably the most popular flooring on today’s market. However despite this, it does come with a high price tag which can be off putting to many of us and it makes sense. However we’re going to go through some of solid wood’s fantastic benefits that we’re sure you’ll be sold on why it might be the best flooring choice for your home…


It’s no secret that solid wood flooring is highly stylish and will offer a luxurious and classical look to your space, but did you know that you can create some bespoke look with solid wood flooring that will suit a variety of looks and interior styles. If your taste is a contemporary, then a gorgeous honey hue oak will do perfectly, if you’re into a classical look, then walnut wood, or a whitewashed wood for a rustic vibe. There’s so many options!

Wood flooring comes in a variety of different shades, plank widths and finishes that you can create a complete bespoke look in your home and every room. You can also choose your thickness, all wood flooring will create completely different looks.


Solid wood flooring is one of, if not, the most durably flooring choices available on the market and will last for decades for if cared for properly. It will withstand lots of heavy usage, including footfall from your family! It is most likely to last a lifetime, even out living the person who laid it. Therefore even though it does have a high price tag, it’s durability makes up for it.

As well as this fantastic durability, wood flooring is able to be sanded down and refinished to remove and stains and scratches that have developed over the years, depending on it’s thickness. However this should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years or so, so this along with being able to do it more than once, gives wood flooring an unbeatable durability that simply cannot be matched by any other flooring type!


Although we can’t lie and say wood flooring is the most practical flooring choice available on the market, it certainly still has its own unique practical benefits. Unlike carpet, wood flooring does not harbour any dirt and debris which is ideal if you or someone in your household suffers with allergies. It also circulates heat, which is a good insulator in winter, saving you loads of money on your heating bills, one of those boring things we need to cough up for! As well as this, although wood flooring does need to be taken care of and shouldn’t be left to it’s own devices, it will most likely only require a quick sweep and mop a few times a week to keep it hygienic, no scrubbing and getting the vacuum out every time!