The 2020 Solstice with accompanying rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction provides a pivotal opening to mega change – on both personal and societal levels. Brand-new more positive beginnings can be seeded. Breakthroughs not possible before can be experienced. To help you use this time in the highest way, I’m providing a simple 3-step process. Continue reading for the process you can share with your friends.


During my morning meditation today, the following process came to me and I’ve done it myself – experiencing a higher frequency, expanded sense of optimism, and a tangible knowing that I was born now to take an active part in our world’s mega transformation. This translated into a feeling of peacefulness about being here now, regardless of our rocky 2020 road and the uncertain road ahead.


Do the Solstice celebration process today, on December 21, or anytime before year-end. If possible, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Approach it as play. Invite your Higher Self to be with you. One more thing – don’t be stingy with yourself – if you feel guided to do it a second time, to further anchor the helpful energy, do that. Part of the benefit is that you are giving to yourself by doing the process – creating spiritual fuel to raise your vibration and placing yourself in a receptive state for the blessings of Solstice with its conjunction.

Solstice Celebration Process

To receive most from this year’s Solstice, it’s vital to calm your mind and be present to what I’m calling the “3 G’s”:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Grudges
  3. Goodness

In this process, you will begin with gratitude as it helps you connect with the other 2 G’s. As you do the process, your energy will elevate and you will release things that otherwise could leave you sour and unable to see and experience the goodness that indeed exists in our world. The end point – or finale – indeed is the goodness. As you connect with that, your frequency will be high and you will be open to the blessings of this juncture.

Note: this process is about Present Time, not the past or the future.


Consider one person you are grateful for in 2020 – someone whose mere presence in your life was so beneficial that he or she supported you in moving through the challenges and personal growth of this year. Sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, focusing on this person’s face, as though he or she was right in front of you. As you tune into this person’s face, allow your heart to remind you of the ways this person was of immense support. Spend another few minutes – still focused on the person – and telepathically communicate words of gratitude. After you do this, be quiet for another minute or two as this energy of gratitude is anchored in your field. During this last portion, don’t be surprised if you receive helpful insights or even a telepathic communication back from the other person.


Now that you have done the gratitude portion – raising your frequency and becoming calm – shift your focus to grudges. It’s important to let them go – now. Don’t judge yourself as it’s human to judge – even ourselves, but of course other people. That’s our conditioning. For this portion, consider one person that when you think of them now, you realize you have a grudge about something that either happened or didn’t happen and you were angry. Go with the Very First person who comes to mind. Then sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, focusing on the person’s face, allowing yourself to remember why you developed a grudge. During that time, invite spirit’s view of the situation – and how to see it through the eyes of your Higher Self. When you’re ready, intentionally offer up your grudge, visualizing it leaving your body and energy field. When complete, be quiet for another minute or two as your freedom from the grudge is registered within you and peacefulness takes its place.


After doing the grudge release – you are now more able to connect with the positives of this year – so shift your focus to goodness. Sit in silence for at least 5 minutes, focusing on one or more things about 2020 that in your mind reflect the goodness of people, your own life, the experience of life, and being alive at this juncture. Avoid rushing through this list – stay there reflecting on goodness until you have a wellspring of ideas and you begin to feel joy in your heart. Tip: sometimes writing down your “goodness list” helps you connect with even more examples! Before completing the process, get in touch with your body and how it feels – what do you notice, what has shifted?

I look forward to your feedback on this Solstice process and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.