How often do you find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated and worried about a problem that seems too difficult to resolve? Maybe it involves a conflict in your relationship at home or at work, or maybe a challenge you haven’t been able to resolve no matter how many times you’ve tried – reducing weight, decluttering your home or some other situation that is getting in the way of you thriving.  

B STATE Focuses on the Solution Instead of the Problem  

Think of a problem you struggled with in your past that you eventually solved successfully. It could be a personal or work-related problem. Now, think back to the period of time you spent struggling to solve the problem? How did you feel? Possibly stressed, overwhelmed, concerned or pressured? As you were coming up with different ways to solve the problem you may have felt anxious, frustrated, or even irritated. You spent lots of time and energy without a successful result. No fun at all!   Now think back to what you felt like just before coming up with your solution – the nanoseconds before the idea of the solution came forward. In other words, you struggled, struggled, struggled, then there was … a moment, maybe where all of a sudden the solution came forward. Notice that you were not in the struggle of the problem. You may have even been distracted by doing something else, or maybe you went to sleep and awoke with the solution. Do you ever come up with good ideas while taking a shower or in the car listening to music?
The “energy” of a problem is different than the “energy” of the solution.   Yet, how much money, time, and effort do we spend over analyzing problems? Over thinking about what doesn’t work. Deliberating with others about what we’re frustrated about that isn’t working? But what if we spent that same amount of time pondering – dreaming of how we would like to see the same situation when it is working well?   When you place your focus on your desired state in the future, it’s absent of the current breakdowns and the worry and stress that’s in play. It’s just what you want to create. Therefore, there isn’t the resistance of struggle, limitation, or fear of failure that results in restricted creative or inspired thinking. There is just the “Picture of Success” that you would like to see.
Breakthrough results can take place much faster when you spend less time focusing on the problems that currently exist and more time discussing, brainstorming or writing down what you do want to experience.   For instance, I was working on writing a Newsletter article, when I got stuck. I was under the pressure of meeting a deadline and I couldn’t figure the angle I wanted to take. I wrote one version and tossed it because it was too dry and academic sounding. Then, I sat in front of my computer for another hour to only get further frustrated by several new approaches that didn’t work. I was even more stressed, agitated and discouraged. I decided to give up, and watch TV.   I turned on an old episode of Seinfeld, just to pass the time. And, it was hilarious…and I forgot about the article. As the Seinfeld show ended, the thought of the article popped into my head, but this time I thought of a new angle for the article that would bring out more heart and humor. I turned off the TV, went back to my office and wrote the article in 25 minutes – it was effortless!  
A B STATE approach to change that focuses on rapid breakthrough results follows a simple 5 step process:   Place yourself in a state of possibility, heart, lightness, and positive intention From that place, create your Picture of Success – what is the impact you want to have and what attitude and behaviors do you want to exhibit when you are making your desired impact? Begin taking action – small steps to get moving – without trying to get it right. Just get moving! If you get frustrated, self-judgmental, or pressured, have the courage to stop and redirect yourself to focus your attention elsewhere When your energy is back to being centered, positive and lighthearted, remind yourself of the most essential part of having a positive impact from your Picture of Success and stay opened to the inspirational guidance that comes forward – and have fun!   When you solve problems the B State way – you create a new reality – a Breakthrough State described by your Picture of Success that boldly takes you to where you want to go! You can tell you are on track, because it’s fun and inspirational…and when it’s not, you stop – only to restart when you reconnect with your heart and passion that fuels you to take the next steps.