Top app development companies understand the important features that make apps highly successful and they always implement them. This is why all the apps of top app development companies are successful. After a thorough study of successful apps, it was found out that they all share some qualities in common. These features have been outlined right below.

Simplicity of use
Top app development companies understand that users prefer apps that are super easy to use. So, they create room for simplicity right from the design stage. There are too many apps on the web for a user to study how to use an app.

Instead of studying your app, users will rather look for a similar app that is easier to use. So, top app development companies prefer to design their apps in such a way that even a 10-year old kid will be able to navigate through the app.

You can take the time to study some successful apps, you will discover that all of them are very easy to understand and use. The simplicity of use plays a prominent role in offering fantastic user experience. This is why top app development companies make it a must and not an option.

It should support both Android and iOS
The success of any mobile app is judged by the number of its users. So, top app development companies make sure their apps support both Android and iOS platforms. If your app works on only one of the two, then you have already halved the chances of success of your app.

If your app works on the only iOS, it means you have cut off all Android users and if your app works on only Android, you must have cut off the millions of people using iOS. So, to make your app successful, it should support both iOS and Android.

Low requirements
Another good trick that some app developers are not aware of is low requirements. Take Android operating system for instance. The latest Android OS is Android 8 Oreo. Isn’t it? But do you know that a lot of people are still on Android 3 Jellybean? Not only that, a lot of people are on Android 4 KitKat, Android 5 Lollipop, Android 6 Marshmallow, and Android 7 Nougat.

So, if your app supports only Android 6 or above, it means you will be cutting off all the people using Android 5 or below. Put together, they will be running into millions. So, check out all the games that have been downloaded and installed over 50 million times. You will realize that they support as low as Android 3 Jellybean. This is applicable to iOS too.

High performance
Users hardly give apps a second chance, so you should test your app very well before you launch it. Successful apps are the one that offers high performance consistently. In addition to high performance, you also need to continuously optimize your app.

This also means that your app should have little or no crash rate. Successful apps simply don’t crash. Do you understand that each time your app crashes will be some people’s first time of using your app? You definitely know the importance of first impression.

Now, put yourself in users’ shoes. How will you react if you are using an app for the first time and it crashes? Chances are good that you may never return to the app even if the issue is later fixed. Unfortunately, it may not entirely be your fault when your app crashes. It could be from your server. The server of the app may be having a downtime. So, you should take the time to select a reliable service company.

Apart from the simplicity of use, the most important feature of an eCommerce app is security. If you are not sure of the security of an app will you checkout on the app? Once users become skeptical about the security of your app, they will never want to register on your app.

So, top app development companies usually spare no expense in making their apps highly secure. Data confidentiality is a very important issue and users don’t take it lightly if their data is leaked.

It should work offline
Depending on the purpose of your app, if it is possible to work offline, let it work offline. ECommerce apps may not be able to work offline but they have a few features that work offline. But game apps should be able to work offline. Users don’t like having to use their mobile data each time they want to use your app.

However, some app developers have taken it a step further. They give users the liberty to choose either offline or online mode. You can also do the same.

Feedbacks and updates
Even if you have tested your app, it is still advisable to seek regular feedback from users. Make it easy for the users of your app to send feedbacks. However, receiving feedbacks is one leg while acting on it is another. So, you should always work on feedbacks to constantly improve users’ experience.

This is why you should send regular updates. However, there should be a limit to regular updates to avoid app fatigue. You know users dissipate their mobile data to update their apps. When it becomes too often, they may get tired of your updates.

Small size
You should make your app as small as possible. People are very judicious with the use their storage space and mobile data now. So, they check the size of an app before downloading it. If they think it is too big, they may dump it.

When an app is too big, it will consume a lot of mobile data while being downloaded. In fact, the size of an app is the amount of mobile data it will consume while being downloaded. Users are sometimes prompted to delete some apps to create some space for an incoming app. If your app is too big, users may have to delete some apps just to create enough space for your app. Unfortunately, users may prefer to dump your app instead of deleting multiple apps for it.

In conclusion, all the most successful apps have all the features outlined above. You can take the time to check them out.