Even though we are deeply saddened inside, we wish and pray that one day our life will be restored back, from those who have used us before. And we will move on with new life. Sometimes some people deserve to be treated well, and not to be treated like they don’t deserve it. Please don’t treat someone badly, or even don’t use someone at all, because sometimes you don’t know, “How much it hurt them, or how do they feel through their life.”

Believe me, if you know very well that you will relax, and know it is not good to hurt someone, or not even to play with their feelings. Do you know how it feels to show someone great love, and give them care?

Some deserve respect and don’t use someone’s feelings. Even if they hurt you twice, don’t do the same, you can leave in peace with respect and they will feel, if they want to, how much you love them, not even hurt them back. There is something that said, “If you want to fight with enemies who have power, then you must use the same power, but greatest.” That is the same with our life, if we have been hurt by our haters, then we must show them love, and we move on without them. Love is the greatest weapon, we can use.

Listen to me as Ayuel Monykuch, ‚Äúnothing can bring more joy to life than beautifully fulfilling Love. Self-love is never an easy job, when we did something below expectation, we may sometimes fall into the anxiousness of not being good enough to others, judging ourselves harshly instead of appreciating ourselves for what we did. Self-love is not selfish, as we know you cannot truly love other people until you know how to love yourself. Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you, this is the world we live in. Most of us listen to other’s words and wait for them to make mistakes.