Search engine and app store optimization

Gone are the days when search engine optimization was only meant for websites. Apps now have to be optimized to be seen. So app developers India do not only stop at SEO, they also optimize their apps for app stores.

For android apps, apps developers India optimize them for Google Play store. To optimize your app for app stores, you need to understand that the title is very important. When submitting your apps for app stores, it is important to fill out all the fields.

A lot of people concentrate on only the biggest two app stores – Google Play store and Apple app store. This is a mistake because it puts your app at a disadvantaged position. In addition to the two stores, app developers India also promote their apps on smaller app stores. In fact they promote their apps in as many app stores as possible.

There is less competition in those not-so-popular apps and your app will quickly standout with little efforts in those app stores. In addition, app developers India also promote their apps in social media like Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You should do the same.

Partner with a media influencer

Another great strategy used by app developers India is by partnering with one or two media influencers. Some celebrities have millions of followers on social media. This is the best platform for promoting any product or service. Once these influencers say anything positive about a product, the product suddenly becomes gold and when they say anything negative about a product, the demand for that product will plummet almost immediately.

So, you can hire or partner with a media influencer to promote your app. Once he does that, a lot of people will begin to download your app immediately.

You can engage in Facebook marketing

It is rather unfortunate that only very few app developers are aware of this strategy. It is very effective. Here are some of the ways to use Facebook to promote your app. You can use either sponsored stories or promoted posts targeted to mobile news feeds. In fact, you can adopt both of them.

You can also use page like ads and set the placement to mobile newsfeeds. You may need to manage the segment with a powerful editor tool. There are many of them available. In addition, you can also use some high resolution images and URL posts.

Opt for promoted tweets

Promoted tweets are also very effective for app promotion. It goes a long way in driving downloads of app. You can start off with different keyword segments. Don’t ever under-estimate the power of tweets and re-tweets when it comes to app promotion.

Build viral mechanisms in your app

Design your app in such a way that users will enthusiastically invite their friends to also use it. For instance, WhatsApp makes it very easy for users to invite other users. You can do something similar.

If you can achieve an average of every user inviting at least one other user, you will hit 1 million downloads in a matter of weeks.

Leverage on review sites

Have you observed that reviewing a fantastic product or service sounds like an advertisement? Especially when you are sure that your app is great. You should submit it on as many review sites as possible. These sites will not only increase your publicity, they will also market your app in the course of reviewing it.

Seek regular feedbacks

The more you seek feedbacks from the users of your app the more they will be more attached to you. By seeking feedbacks, you are giving them the impression that you really care about them. However, you must also act on their feedbacks in your updates. If not, they will stop responding.

Organize a contest

You can organize a contest or quiz that can only be done by downloading and installing your app. Let the quiz run for a long period like a month before it closes. Then, you can announce the winners and share some prizes. If you can afford it, you can also give out consolatory prizes.

Website promotion

If you have a website, you can promote your app on your website too. In fact, it is better to dedicate one or two web pages on your website to the promotion of your app. That way, it is not likely for anyone to visit your site and miss out your app. There is nothing wrong with building a micro-site for your mobile app.

Email marketing still works

You should set up newsletters about topics relevant to your app and send your subscribers interesting articles regularly. Once they have built a trust in your brand, they will be more inclined to download your app when you finally market it.

It is very important to state that all the tips above are meant to drive users to download your app. What can make them retain it or use it continuously is fantastic user experience. So, you must be sure that you have user experience in mind when designing your app.

For instance, if it is a game app, then it must offer highly engaging and immersive gameplay and highly responsive control. Most importantly, your game app must offer stunning graphics. You should also lower the requirement for your app.

Ensure that you test every aspect of your app very well before launching it. In fact, you may need to hire several testers to test it and come up with recommendations which you need to work on before you launch the app.

Size matters. Nobody downloads large apps
anymore. If your app is too big, it may discourage a lot of prospective users.
Finally, fast loading is important. App users are generally impatient. So, your
app should load as fast as possible. An ideal app takes less than 10 seconds to