Question: Allana, there are two alpha females at my job that keep clashing, and it’s making work a little tense to say the least. I feel like I am stuck between two raging thunderstorms that are about to collide and make a superstorm. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: All right. Well, I get that it’s no fun whatsoever, and I get that you feel caught in the middle. A really fundamental practice when things get tough is to allow. I know that doesn’t feel logical, does it? It feels like, “Resist, stop. Hide.” But the actual act of resistance sticks it to is, and it grows and it grows and it grows. And actually, I think the feeling of all of that resistance, if you let go, feels like it’s going to collide, when in fact the opposite will happen.

If you can just, instead of resisting, kind of soften your edges a bit and just allow. You don’t have to like it. You can put your little earbuds in, rock out to some tunes. You can make a request to have a different place to work, like location-wise. You can request some more projects you can do with other people, or you could do some projects from home. There’s a lot of choices you have in work situations when the environment isn’t working for you. You have a voice, you can talk, you can ask.

You can also just create your own little sanctuary in your bubble of allowance with some little earbuds and do your own thing. That’ll save you a lot of energy. Resistance uses up our energy, and it pushes against, and we can’t hear our intuition, we can’t hear our divine mind. And when you go into allowance and just go into your little happy place, there will be some inspiration there for you of what you can do.

And the main thing, it’s not about you, and let them collide, let them do what they’re going to do. Being in allowance of that, I know that takes courage to just not bite. Not bite. But I think that’s a great lesson in life. We get to choose what we focus on. And while this sounds like it’s very loud and right in your face, you still have a choice of where you’re going to focus. You still have a choice where you’re going to work, how you’re going to work, with whom you’re going to work. You still have choices with all these things. Don’t let them make you forget that you always have choice.

And take it as a larger life lesson that when storms happen outside, just put up an umbrella. Get a drink with a umbrella in it. Do whatever. Make the best of it. Begin asking questions like, “Okay, what’s right about this? What’s the gift in this? What’s this trying to tell me? What’s the opportunity here?” Maybe it’s time for you to speak up. Maybe that’s what it is. I don’t know. But it is right because it’s happening for you, not against you. That’s the point of view I take on. And allowance is going to be the portal through to everything next that’s waiting for you.

I sure hope that helped. I don’t even know if you’re a woman or a man, so I’m just going to say both. If you’re a woman, I’d love for you to go to because I have a wonderful training there called “Vulnerability is the New Sexy.” And very much our softness is our strength. Our allowance in receiving, as opposed to our pushing, is very sexy.

And if you’re a gentleman that’s asking me this and you haven’t been to my site before, GetHerToSayYes, there’s a complimentary training there called “How to be a Noble Badass.” And that’s that presence and groundedness in the face of any circumstance, which would help you here if indeed you are a gentleman asking me about this.

All right. Much love to you, whoever you are. And I will talk to you soon.

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