Life is so fast and so short. Photos will help you remember. What you have done, who you were with, and what you love the most: where your eyes were focused on.

Madagascar, 8 October 2019 United Nations Gender Training on women empowerment & human rights approach to programming

I am still in Madagascar working for women, children, on nutrition and sustainable solutions for the well-being of societies. I just participated in a training on gender equality and women empowerment. For the voice of women to be heard. In all types of communities and societies. Where women have the same place as men. For a more equal world, more just, freer, and where all ideas and opinions are respected and taken into account. Where inclusion and sincere smiles stand together. For freedom of expression and freedom of choices, of decisions to lead our lives and love it deeply, by being grateful each day. Until the end.

While listening to the Eat, Pray, Love Soundtrack, I am thinking of the people of the world, what we can do to contribute to a more loving world (Music!) and how we can spread more messages of Enthusiasm, Energy and Happiness. There is so much to be grateful for. Sometimes we do not see it, so we need our Friends to show us. Some days we show Roses to them, Flowers all around and our precious value to the communities we serve (we need to remind ourselves of that, also if sometimes we feel lost – we need to tap into the higher forces of the Universe that have put us here on the Planet) . We all have a place in the world, and we are all here to do something, something we can create everyday, by tapping into our experiences and passions.

What is your Passion? From there, you will change the World!

Life unfolds itself, we see and we understand at some point, without even asking ourselves why. Our place shapes itself, it magically creates and we just know it. We know what we need to do, what we want to do, without further inner research (always and still good to ask ourselves questions once in a while, but the heart knows more than the mind). We are naturally drawn to something, someone, without having it to explain to someone else. I think this is Pure and True Love (what I have been searching for all my life, but it has always been inside of me, waiting to be shown, and not being afraid of it). We care, and We show it. We Love, and we say it. What is the problem with all of it? It is better to say it Loud. Say it explicitly. Because the Voice is the extension of our Heart. Once we say it, it is there in the Air, waiting to be picked up by God and deliver it to the person.

Two TOP Communicators, willing to share, learn and give back to the World! Zoe & Gaia, 9 October 2019 Antananarivo, Madagascar ONE UN

We all need a Revolution in the Heart, a Revolution in our Attitude, in our Way of Approaching the World. The World as a Friend willing to hold hands together, to show us the way (and we show it to him/her too – depending if you consider the world female or male 🙂 )

by an artist, writer and musician:

Happy Life and Happy Music all along the way…..


On the featured image: It is Mango Season in Madagascar! Ambatoroka neighborhood, Antananarivo – Madagascar 11 October 2019