We all find ourselves in situations that compromise or sacrifice what is important to us. That’s why there is something to be said about committing to your goals and your needs. Time is our biggest asset, but the needs of those whom we work with or for are often asked to come first when we should first be asking, “What is needed for me to be at my best?” How can we navigate through these situations without giving up our “me time” and without upsetting those that need us? The truth is, you really can’t. However. here are some ways to try.

First have the conversation with yourself on why you need these “me”-moments each day. What about them is so important to your happiness and ability to be successful? From this discovery you’re going to want to protect these moments, and you have every right to. Personally I am in the service/hospitality business. I am coaching and giving all day long. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. Knowing how demanding my job is, I need to make sure that I am in the best possible position to carry out my mission. To do so it is crucial that my needs are met. I have determined that the non-negotiables for me include my process before I leave the house, working out, getting treatments and making time for recovery. These are instrumental to my happiness. Additionally, I align myself with people who share my core values and beliefs. From this we understand, respect and encourage each other’s processes.

Knowing how to create and uphold these pillars in my life I feel confident in my process to be fulfilled. That said, determine what your non-negotiable moments are, and how you can communicate them to your colleagues or partner. When they can respect and encourage your process, you can be at your best while being helpful to everyone else. Then everyone wins.