Sometimes you need to get lost, to find yourself

I was seeking the truth, and truth was within me all the way. A few years ago about 14, I remember myself discussing with a dear friend of mine who was a vegan, an activist and a philosopher. We were discussing for hours about God, war and peace, politics, relationships etc. Our meeting was never lasting less than two hours at our worst times. Back then I had a different point of view than today and I was so full of anger towards life. Anger used to be a normal pattern for me then.

You must be wondering why I am mentioning this now. Well, about 15 years ago my life’s journey began. Those huge discussions were my first awareness of who I was and at the same time the beginning of my journey. This journey will end only when I won’t be able to breathe anymore. I would like to share with you a few things I discovered in this journey of soul searching, success and what is happiness. As I have mentioned in a previous article of mine: I started to live when I realized that nothing and no one owes me anything in 2008. That was the kick start for my life. The health issues I faced and I’m still facing made me realize that life is indeed unexpected and can end within a second! As for relationships? We will need a few days to cover this subject. J New York, Bermuda, London, Athens, Cyprus, Slovenia, Serbia are a few of the countries I have visited, coached and lived for a while. I dare to say that relationships are the most popular subject to discuss about at every place!

We have grown up carrying other people’s beliefs and ideas and most of us have lost their way. We have so many DOs and DON’Ts engraved in our minds that we get confused, especially the generations of ’60-’80. It is a fact that we had some difficult times. How many of you have studied what their parents wanted? How many of you got married because it was the time to do so? You are already 31 years old and you haven’t gotten married, given birth to two-three kids, owned a huge mortgage and a 4×4 luxury car? Then I am sorry to say so, but you have failed and these examples applies nearly in any country I have visited.

Through my soul’s exploration for about the past 15 years, I realized that after getting a divorce, I was affected from the society’s beliefs, the DOs and DON’Ts of other people. Since I was the mother of two kids, I needed to get myself together. I got up from the floor, got over the depression and started working intensively to provide food and toys to my kids. I started my own company and I was working hard for years. Then we bought a house to the area which was always a dream for me since I was a kid and I was proud. Although the “success” I wasn’t feeling genuinely happy. The issue of relationship is not an easy task and many people are troubled with that. Finding your life partner is very important to keep a balance in your lives, but still you need to keep moving forward. Until then we need to genuinely love ourselves first then everything will fall into place.

When I discovered life coaching in 2013, I could breathe again genuinely. I was passionate to contribute in society and heal as many children as possible. I have travelled and lived in many countries and my soul’s exploration as I have mentioned above was always with me. What I am trying to tell you is that I was in a healing process for my health and I was doing a lot of meditation. A very vivid memory was that I remember myself sleeping with Tony Robbins in my ears. He was very essential part of my healing process and I am grateful to him, maybe one day I will be able to tell him the impact he had in my life.

Sometimes we need silence in order to hear our own inner voices and not the others. My conclusion once again is that I started feeling peace in my heart when I discovered again my true self.

Leave other people’s voices out of your head, focus on yourself and love who you truly are. Have faith and when you are completely happy with yourself, then the job position you are dreaming about will be yours and love will knock your door. All these don’t happen in a day. Do not get disappointed since there is no recipe. What helped me on my 41 years journey is my mindset, reading philosophy, discussing with like-minded people, hiring a professional coach, having yoga mentors, follow healthy nutrition for me it serves me well being a vegan and never stop seeking for my own truth and thats why my niche in coaching is manifestation of the mind. When I gain control of my own mind, then I could finally feel peace, meet success without negative stress. Believe me the process takes time but the result will amaze you.

The journey has taken a new turn for me, leading me to new adventures and I am looking forward to it. Take a deep breath, discover yourself and search within you. Get rid of all toxic behaviors, people and patterns and try to improve yourself. In order to empower my myself and help me manifest my mind had as a result my method called #wall of doubts where you project all your thoughts on the “wall” and in this way you can choose which one to keep, which one is originally yours. The trick is to distance our self from our own mind so we have control on what we want to keep and what we want to delete. Choose your recycle bin.

My last tip to you is: Travel a lot in order to discover other cultures, eat and drink their food, feel the country’s heart beat and not just the shopping mall. Try to find out what makes you happy, and if you think that I can contribute on your journey of soul’s exploration then contact me. It is such a beautiful and liberating process. We are blessed because I am writing to you and you are reading this. Stay blessed!

Nadia Themis

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