Sometimes you need to look at things a different way to make progress. I use these three techniques in my business practice to bring in a fresh perspective.

Create three imaginary people and imagine what advice they’d give.

Whenever I think about changing up a service, writing a blog post, or making an offer, I have talks with three imaginary people. My made-up business advisers are:

  1. A spiritual healer person who always reminds me to stay grounded and cares about how I feel and that my intentions serve the most good.
  2. A tough, no-nonsense business adviser who reminds me I am not a charity, but a business. They were born for strategy.
  3. My ideal client. They look at my work with their needs & let me know what I’m missing.⁣

Go for a walk.

I’m a big fan of saying “I’m going to leave this here” and going for a walk. I come back to it with new energy and fresh eyes. This is hard to do when the pressure to deliver is high, but even 5 minutes away can help.⁣ ⁣

Look for inspiration in other sectors.

I look at other sectors to see what they’re up to.

I ask, “could any part of their model work for me?”

I rarely get inspired by other career coaches, but I love following copywriters, marketing strategists and wellness people. They talk about their work in a fresh way that helps me to rethink my offers. I once saw a video series that broke down common yoga poses. I was inspired to start my own video series on writing a resume.

What do you do to bring a new perspective to your work?

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