So many choices. 

Skirt or slacks?

Grande or Vente? 

Hwy101 or 680 (meaning which crazy congested freeway should I try today)? 

Elevator or stairs?

Bagel or donut (scratch that last one, just avoid the breakroom altogether!)? 

Life has become a series of choices that we make practically minute by minute. One tiny change could effect how the rest of the day unfolds. 

No pressure!

Some of the choices are easy, simple. Others are more complicated. 

Just choosing to get out of bed in the morning is a plus! 

The most important choice… the one with lasting effects…. happiness

Choose to be happy. Find one thing (out of the MANY) to be grateful for and keep it in your mind all day. Cling to it like a life preserver when you find out that the quad shot Carmel Machiatto you ordered is actually a decaf LIGHT vanilla latte….