Money where your mouth was

A debate between two parties over the lying of an individual. Watching a debate like this is very difficult. With America being split by politics the hearing went back and forth and was very frustrating. If you are a Republican you say this person is a liar and you won’t believe anything he says. If you are a Democrat you really want to believe him even though he has already acknowledged he has lied to Congress. One questioner ranted on and on how much time and money was being wasted ($450,000,000) and how he spoke with his wife just before the hearing. He read that from notes which were obviously written ahead of time. It makes you wonder. His rant sounded like it was all about him. From his cancer to his daughter he then said no one should watch the event in which he was participating. Meanwhile the Democrats apologized and thanked the testifier for participating. They were not adamant about torturing the testified, but, were giving him a break like a child inquired for seeing something that their sibling had committed. A sophist knows there are at least two sides to every story. Some opt to take the higher bidder, some take the less fortunate and some just follow their party no matter what. If you had a “Jerkalerter” app on during this hearing it would have sounded like a duck farm. It seems the whole liar thing is based on an interrogation of someone trying to protect their client. Sort of like your parents broke the law and you tried to protect them. Yes, do anything to protect your family. That is until your parents call you out and degrade you just for their satisfaction. There is an agreement out there, maybe in fine print, that stipulates if your client screws you, then you are allowed to screw them back. Where money is involved it isn’t very smart for a multibillionaire to mishandle the lock to the safe.  Do you shoot the only pilot on the plane. Do you think you are so great that you can land the plane yourself just because you saw it on television? You will probably crash. It’s funny one reaction was that `he lied about everything except the “Russian Collusion”. Meaning: he isn’t a complete liar.


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