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Spiritual Awakening and Soul Purpose

Spiritual awakening is the process of becoming the soul. Indeed, it is our spiritual nature (the soul) that is our real self. The soul is the light-bringing expression of love and wisdom. The process of the spiritual awakening, where the soul is able to express fully and authentically through our personality, takes place over many lifetimes. The ultimate goal is to be able to fully live the perfection of the soul — to become the soul as our deepest identity.

When the soul nature becomes what is most expressed in our daily lives, remarkable shifts occur. We radiate positive energy such as love, light, and positivity, which are the natural products of soul-full living. As a result, our influence and impact on the world around us shifts. Circumstances begin to align to support our work with the soul. But this is a slow process and occurs in small, incremental steps.

The soul delights in our attention. It wants relationship with us! And, as we increasingly turn our attention toward our spiritual awakening, the soul responds. It begins to find ways to reciprocate.

Art of Becoming the Soul – Introduction

Explore the philosophy that underlies all major world religions. Called the Ageless Wisdom, or Esotericism, this philosophy provides a way to understand our spiritual nature more intimately. There is one life that underlies everything. Called God, Brahma, El, YHWY, Krishna, Allah, this unifying energy is the highest of vibration. Humanity is experiencing a spiritual awakening. Collective and individual consciousness is changing unlike at any other time in human evolution. Spiritual awakening brings about significant changes in how we think and act in relation to the world around us. Awakening can bring with it confusion, emotional turmoil, and changes in relationship that are hard to navigate. When we understand our spiritual being, we can better work with the changes to support our transformation. 

Understanding the Soul Through Esoteric Philosophy

Esoteric Philosophy is traditionally understood as wisdom that is only accessible to a chosen few. In truth, esotericism is way of understanding the spiritual journey that is available to anyone who seeks to understand their spiritual nature more intimately. Esotericism, also known as the Perennial Philosophy, or Ageless Wisdom, provides the foundational principles for most of the major world religions.

Listen as Michelle and William explore the foundations of the Esoteric Philosophy.

The Esoteric Path from Soul Bridging on Vimeo.

Creating a Bridge to the Soul

As we progress on the spiritual path, we increasingly work to develop a bridge of communication between the soul, our inner source of wisdom, and our personality, through which we work in the world. This bridge, understood in eastern traditions as the antahkarana, creates a highway of expression between the soul and personality. When we actively work to develop the antahkarana, we are increasingly able to live the wisdom and love of the soul.

Join Michelle and William in this exploration into bridging the soul and everyday living.

Creating a Bridge to the Soul from Soul Bridging on Vimeo.

The Destiny of the Soul

Living a spiritual life happens when we recognize that there is a higher aspect to our being. Once recognized as an essential aspect of true being, the soul continues to call for relationship. By actively striving to assert the higher expression of the soul, we begin to live our true destiny. When we act fully on behalf of the soul we become spiritual magicians.

Listen as William and Michelle discuss how to live life with spiritual creativity.

Destiny of the Soul from Soul Bridging on Vimeo.

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