Me loving summertime…

LISTEN! HEAR!.TODAY I want to share quick SOUL-HAPPY STRATEGIES! After Reading, hear these words live on video below.

YEP! You heard right!
Things and activities that can create contentment, inner joy, peace and usefulness from within.

Things I share with clients and friends who occasionally or often feel they are Without purpose or passions, battling with forms of depression, S.A.D, loneliness, feeling simply bored or often taking care of others and neglect SELF, too busy chasing money first, that you forget to live NOW and you are missing moments that matter. Then we have to remember to enjoy what we are actually doing without thinking too hard about what we are doing next.

I have to catch myself doing this and remind myself to embrace NOW or make a memory.

NOTE: Unless it’s a situation or negative interaction to where you can’t wait for it to end to your benefit.

Soooooo, to take some of these pressures off… Imma need you to engage in at least one or two of these activities that can make your SOUL-HAPPY. Some of them may sound boring to some but fun and therapeutic to others such as:
* visiting museums,

* Crocheting, knitting, hair-braiding, sewing,

* Bike riding (in warmer weather of course or other physical activities to release endorphins, dopamine, etc.),

* Journaling or writing YOUR BOOK or LIFE STORY,

* Find a cozy corner in a Barnes & Noble w/spicey
or calming tea (chai, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, chamomile, etc.), hot chocolate, etc., and a good book…
If you’re single, you might me meet someone there… IJS
oh, Eh hem, well, I like this myself

* Singing and/or Writing songs,

* Participate in some kind of ALTRUISTIC mission or passion of helping others through volunteering, supporting a cause or provide some act of kindness friends, neighbors, strangers (be careful) or relative,

* Intentionally, join a positive group that share a fun interest or passion of yours or:
* Initiate building new friend relationships with positive people you encounter,

* Start cooking new dishes using new recipes (Google or YouTube it).

* Create a YouTube channel sharing your hobbies, passions, missions, skillset, ministry, educational & fun vlogs, etc. That is just to name a few of course.

Some of these initiatives can be challenging when you feel as though you have lost interests and ability to stay in a flow-forward-state but I want you try and make small steps… NO COMPETITION. Just ENJOY it!

* Maybe, you can reach out and share your desires to do any of the above with a loved one who can accompany you or keep you accountable to your own self-care goals. Don’t forget to WATCH VIDEO.

So that’s all she wrote WONDERFULLY MADE PEOPLE!


  • Cheryl Y Howard

    Inspirational & Transformation Speaker, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Mental Health Professional & Amazon Best Selling Author

    Cheryl Y Howard is an inspirational, empowerment and transformation speaker-inspiring others to live their visions, dreams and passions. She is the founder of Get Your Life Back Inspirational life Coaching, Goddaughters Workshop and His Garden Naturals. She is a Mother, Speaker, Mental Health Professional, Author, Certified Pastoral Counselor and Life Purpose Coach, Minister, Blogger, and a former contributing writer for Huffington Post and Examiner. She has a Masters of Art in Human Services Counseling, Masters in Theological Studies, and is a licensed Cosmetologist. As an Inspirational and Empowerment Strategist, Cheryl 'Motivate others to Breakthrough Barriers and Propel Into Purpose.