As a 14 year-old journeyman-warrior the title, “Soul on Ice,” coined by the late Eldridge Cleaver in 1968, was compelling, engaging and lured me to not only read his masterful prison fueled musings, but also to deepen my journey into my “soul-speak.”

It was at this point, while reading this book and watching the burnings of the King riots, I accelerated my alchemistic discoveries of root issues…there I was in Pullman Washington, where I was the only African American 8th grader in the school system, making conclusions from my observations…fueled by my soul’s journey coming to thaw. It was the summer of 1968, in the aftermath of the King riots, when I visited my mother in Washington DC and noticed the “new fashions” prancing down the scarred streets…bright green, orange, red and yellow socks — shirts — pants — bandannas were now fashionable and enVogue!

Remembering the conservative nature of my fellow Negroidians, I asked, “what happened?” I was told that during the riots, many warehouses were looted and the crazy colored items that weren’t selling became free…thus a new fashion craze was born!

Images: Akiva Huber

So of the many lessons learned from late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Eldridge Cleaver, I give thanks, praise and thank them both for the light-filled wisdom speak. How’s your journey today?

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