Today we are all trying to “succeed.” That word gets tossed around like a frisbee. What does it mean? It depends. It depends on what Success looks like, for you. Does it mean driving around in a nice fancy car? Nothing wrong with it, I like nice cars too. Does it mean having a ginormous house? Being able to get into exclusive clubs, restaurants, be recognized for your work, your talents, having a plethora of money? Having a title that you’ve always wanted, President, CEO, VP, the list is endless. Or does success for you consists of some of the tangibles, but mostly intangibles, like family, friends, laughs, good times? Success, how do you define it? As I say many times in class; there is no right or wrong answer.

Recently we had two very public suicides of talented, successful and well known people; Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain. They had access to everything we deem successful, yet something in their souls, decided they’d had enough. I don’t profess to know anything other than what’s been reported, but I pray their souls will find peace.

Many businesses operate on what Success looks like for them. More profit, recognition , fame, stocks that are thriving. There’s a verse the Bible that says “if a man gains the world but loses his soul, what has he gained?” There is work, and than there is soul work. There is work that makes you feel good about yourself, your journey, but soul work makes others feel valued, and important. The work benefits society in a way that matters, to the soul. There are many things going on in our country, that leaves us wondering, and begging the question, “where is the soul?” What are we gaining from abusing souls?

The goal of this article is not to promote anything; or tell you what you should be doing? It is merely to ask the question, what does success look like to you, your business, your family? And what does that say about the soul, your soul? Because, I believe, the soul matters.

Danielle Langford, is an Author, Speaker, and Professor.