One of the most calming reflections stems from being indoors, while the Earth is cleansing herself. Yes, this has been written about time and time, again. It’s one thing to hear it during the day. It’s another to hear it at night. Remember, it is during the nighttime when things are the most mysterious. Those persons aiming to stay awake, during the course of the night, have the opportunities for meditating and hampering down on their senses. Simultaneously, there are those moments for having moved through another layer in one’s sensory. Rain has a way of creating beats, rhythmic patterns, and designs as it pertains to the rhythm of time. Rain creates its own musical haven. Natural behavior patterns, within the environment, have a way of illuminating nature’s own remedies for mental and emotional healing; the meditations of it all.

Of course, there are so many songs, which depicts sorrow as the main theme for rainy days. In fact, it’s been done so much that people miss out on the healing properties of rain. If anything, seeing the Earth water herself should be a celebration for happiness. Our well-being is being restored. The atmosphere is being cleansed; especially, the air and soil. That’s what it is all about.

Again, when you have found a song, which assists you in your natural ability to dig closer, and deeper when it comes to the rain, you have found a real treasure. Any vocalist with the musical ability to personify rain’s artistry, in artistry song, has provided humanity with a bountiful thing. For starters, there are also the sacred teachings for how those societies-not consumed by technology-have a different understanding of the rain. For them, it’s a form of meditation. Blessings continue to move through the rain in such a pleasing manner. In such communities, rain is a manifestation of Heaven’s fulfillment. It is one of the processes for balance, and the ability to nourish the life forms; all, which depends on Earth’s wellness.

Putting all of such together in the context of night, what mental (and emotional) nourishment is further explored, when it rains? Isn’t it a pleasure to think of such? How are we going deeper into our reflection of self, when being up at night, and hearing the rain? It can be one of the most soothing things to ever explore. Therefore, allow us to engage in mental movement, through one song. As part of the musical collection, Poems Of Love And The Rain, we have “Song For Lying In Bed During A Night Rain!” It is a musical haven for the cleansing of our minds, while elevating our hearts, during a rainy time!

Beverly Wolff