With the necessary restrictions in place due to the pandemic, it seems that the long shot dream of working from home has become a reality—and so has its then-unobvious disadvantages. Distractions and less structure can be a challenge for people that are not used to working from home. An interior and product designer who offers her take and tips in creating an inspiring workspace is Charleston, SC based tastemaker Julianne Taylor.

A bachelor of fine arts in interior design graduate from the University of Georgia, Julianne is a creative entrepreneur with a bold and colorful brand. Her various projects and several business ventures reflect these two characteristics, along with her public persona “JuJu,” who inspires others to live a colorful life. She also has a master’s degree in human resources from the University of South California, and she prides herself on being able to combine her artistic skills with her business acumen.

JuJu is fond of wearing turbans and caftans and lives life with a happy-go-lucky personality. This tastemaker continues to grow her brand and following as JuJu on her social media platforms. The hashtag #JuJuApproved is currently being used online, and Julianne is excited to share that GIPHY stickers will soon be available for her audiences to use on Instagram. Last year, her home tour video was featured on HGTV.com, and she was recently highlighted in “The top 10 furniture pieces that will never go out of style” by Apartment Therapy—a lifestyle blog and publishing company focused on home décor and design.

She currently manages her two companies: Taylor Burke Home, which is an upscale upholstery brand for products made in North Carolina, and Julianne Taylor Style, her personal umbrella brand for her other commissioned projects. The latter company is the designer’s platform for her various digital content, which includes lifestyle and destinations. She shares her other projects and ventures through here as well, including event production for different brands, small business consulting, and licensed home décor products such as wallpaper, artwork, tabletop, etc.

According to the designer, the Julianne Taylor Style brand has allowed her to venture into opportunities even in fashion. She will be launching an apparel licensing project in 2021 and, thus, is eager to connect with more people to increase partnership opportunities. She is passionate about imparting her knowledge in the industry to those who seek advice and counseling. “I really enjoy working with small business owners in the creative arena through the consulting side of our business and I truly love mentoring young entrepreneurs,” she shares. The author of DesignHER (2016), she truly does believe in the famous JFK quote, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  

She works with creative entrepreneurs to help them think about their businesses in different ways to trim costs and boost profits. “As your business evolves, you have to continue to evaluate and embrace opportunities that meet all of your needs both professionally and personally. That business plan you created? It will change dozens of times as your business grows and changes, and having an open mind will allow you to shift with the seasons to stay profitable.” 

This mom of three currently spends her time sharing easy home decor ideas, delicious recipes, and style tips that inspire a colorful life on her various social media platforms. She offers a fun and lighthearted take on balancing the new normal during quarantine. She wrote about her struggles on having her own workspace at home on the Julianne Taylor Style website: “I temporarily set up camp at our dining room table, but I soon found that it was not conducive to a very productive environment with three kids moving about and wanting to eat all day!” She recognized the need for a small space to make her own in this time of uncertainty, and this sparked an idea to reinvent an area in the house that could just be hers. She lays out five tips to create an inspiring work area at home, which you can read about here

To know more about this creative entrepreneur, her colorful content, or to book a consultation with her, visit her Tap Bio link, which contains all the ways to connect with her.